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July 18, 2006

Issue Highlights
- The need for secure OPC communications
- Ways to secure your WLAN
- How to protect control networks

Control systems cyber security awareness
This White Paper is the first installment in a series intended to provide relevant cyber security information to the control systems community. It raises cyber security awareness through discussion of control system cyber security trends and provides information on Homeland Security and federal partner programs designed to enhance the cyber security posture of control systems within critical infrastructures.

The need for secure OPC communications
This paper presents a new technology that increases the security of data and the overall usability of the solution. It facilitates integration between and with production systems — from single plant system level through complex networks — while preventing cyber attacks and unauthorized users from gaining access to critical process control data and the systems that control production.

How to secure your wireless local-area network
The latest wireless standards and protocols provide significant security improvements compared with previous technologies. However, ensuring that your industrial plant is using wireless networking in a secure manner requires additional efforts. The best practices outlined here can greatly reduce — but not eliminate — the likelihood of an attack or unauthorized access to your network. Here’s what you must do to protect your WLAN.

Nuclear power makes sense

Invensys, Apprion install managed wireless at chem complex

How to protect control networks from office network problems


Wireless LAN protects against unauthorized access

Managed Ethernet switches provide encrypted security


CONTROL's AutomationXchange
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MatrikonOPC User Group 2006
September 11-14, Houston, TX

Automation Fair
October 25-26, 2006

Yokogawa Tech Fair & User Conference
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, Houston, TX

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