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December 20, 2005—Issue Highlights

• Want to see something really scary?
• Secure your wireless information channel
• Control system security: whose problem is it?
• Warnings on woeful Wi-Fi security
• How do you deal with angry individuals bent on causing trouble?
• The 20 most critical Internet security vulnerabilities

Want to see something really scary?
Getting into your control system undetected requires skill, but it's not beyond the ability of a professional hacker. If you want to persuade your upper management into taking cyber security seriously, have them read this. It'll scare the bejeezus out of them.

Secure your wireless information channel
Among the obstacles that process control pioneer Dick Caro sees affecting the advance of wireless technology are: the security of the information channel and powering wireless devices.

Control system security: whose problem is it?
This article discusses the danger of attacks to control systems, security issues throughout the different layers in a manufacturing enterprise and personnel's role in dealing with these issues.

How do you deal with angry individuals bent on causing trouble?
Employers and facilities need to provide a greater level of plant security to protect against even the most unlikely of occurrences, especially when the consequences can be so severe.

The 20 most critical Internet security vulnerabilities
This living document from the SANS Institute includes step-by-step instructions on how to identify critical vulnerabilities, how to prevent them from being exposed, and provides additional preventative methods and information useful for correcting security flaws.

Warnings on woeful Wi-Fi secuirty
With the popularity of wireless industrial networking, you would think that more companies would be paying attention to security. Not so. A new survey found that a third of companies using wireless networks had their security features turned off!

Security vulnerability assessment revealed
Many industrial processing plants have already screened their facilities and operations for security vulnerability potential and are conducing Security Vulnerability Analyses (SVAs) on the high priority concerns. So where do they go from here?

Omnex Control Systems enters into joint development partnership for secure industrial wireless
The industrial community has been clamoring for wireless solutions, but implementations have been slow due to security concerns, according to both companies.

SCADA Security Blog
News and opinion on best practices, future trends, security standards, vendor offerings, and all other issues related to SCADA security.

Process Control Security Requirements Forum
This site is a resource for users, vendors, and third parties in the process control industries who are concerned about information security in an increasingly networked world.

SCADA security training courses
This web site offers training courses to SCADA system managers, administrators and analysts in a position to manage their company's SCADA cyber security programs.

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