December 18, 2012

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MECOex-pac_adlit_120x60_12-12MECO® seals, engineered for rotating-shaft machinery, available fully split
MECO's EX-PAC excels at vacuum containment and inhospitable process environments. EX-PAC seals are used on mixers, extruder-compounders and on reactors and dryers where aggressive solvents and other chemicals are present. EX-PAC seals are used where extensive thermal shaft growth and or pressure-vacuum cycles are present. Learn more.

Issue Highlights

Properly Prepare for Spills
Every response plan should include five key elements.

Chemical Makers Think Small
Nanotechnology developments are advancing along a broad front.

Chemical Processing Powder eHandbooks
Download our latest resources aimed at helping you succeed at solids and address challenges.

 Ask The Experts: Powder Handling
Don't let powders put you in a bind, consult Chemical Processing's expert.

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Fauske & Associates, LLC Provides ASTM/OSHA Combustible Dust Testing to Ensure Safe Powder Handling
Combustible dust explosion and dust fire hazard onsite assessments, OSHA Combustible Dust, NEP compliance and services related to mitigation. Learn more.

On-Demand Events
Dry Materials Handling- Moving and Processing Solids with Ease
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How to Handle Potentially Explosive Dusts Properly to Reduce Explosion Risks
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