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January 18, 2013

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Wireless Tethers Itself to Industry
Both process and discrete industrial markets continue to look further at wireless technologies to enable new capabilities and provide incremental improvements in existing network communications. According to a report from the ARC Advisory Group, standardization of wireless network protocols for both devices and infrastructure is helping to increase the popularity of wireless technology. Read more »

Sponsor: CC-Link Partner Assn.
CC-Link IE Industrial Ethernet Seminar
Seminar on Feb. 13 in Dayton, Ohio
This seminar describes CC-Link IE, the first gigabit industrial Ethernet network for automation control. It is inherently deterministic and does not require the use of Ethernet switches. In addition, this seminar also describes how the original CC-Link fieldbus network can integrate with a CC-Link IE network. Industrial Ethernet implementation is a hot topic in the automation industry. Automation system users need to understand these technologies and their options for network implementation. Register now.

ICS Gets Improved Security
Trusted Computing Group published a new specification that adds additional layers of security to standard shared network infrastructures, helping to protect critical energy, utility, healthcare and manufacturing systems. A 2011 NIST report on the topic of industrial control systems security notes that integrating IT networks with traditional industrial control systems — such as SCADA systems, sensors, actuators and controllers — has opened these networks to external threats, and the problem is exacerbated by the growing use of wireless connectivity. Read more »

Why Can't We Be Friends?
Industrial automation devices can dramatically improve server room monitoring and reduce system downtime. Explore how selecting the correct solution allows existing IT departments to easily deploy and monitor the full range of available industrial automation devices for server room monitoring, without complicated integration obstacles or additional training requirements. Download white paper to learn more.

Sponsored White Paper
Virtualization Is a Reality
Thin clients are performance heavyweights in industrial applications, cutting upfront and lifecycle costs while improving reliability and security. Virtualization and thin clients intersect when thin clients are used as a key component in virtualization strategies for process control and MES. In this white paper, you will learn about the benefits of virtualization, the interrelationship between both virtualization and thin-client technologies, why the thin-client approach is often the least expensive solution, and advantages of thin clients over PCs. Download white paper »
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