April 4, 2006

Issue Highlights
Fieldbus Foundation polishes specification
Building a digital foundation
OPC as the network glue
PoE makes progress

Fieldbus Foundation polishes specification
An updated version is now available that defines the open, non-proprietary Foundation fieldbus protocol behind the all-digital, two-way, multi-drop communications link for smart field devices and automation systems.

Building a digital foundation for enterprise O&M solutions
Options for monitoring and managing field devices over digital and wireless networks are wide open. This paper shows that the transition to an all-inclusive field device monitoring and preventive maintenance solution that is underway is due in part to the new industry standard FDT/DTM technologies.

Get going with Gigabit
Synchronous protocols based on IEEE1588 can deliver workable determinism, but are they necessary given the faster Ethernets now available? Paula Doyle, a doctoral researcher at the University of Limerick, Ireland, explains the significance for latency, response time, and determinism in the network.

ISA announces formation of SP104 committee
The newly-formed working group will focus on developing a standard to help accelerate the implementation and widespread use of fieldbus devices throughout the industry.

OPC as the network glue
Industrial Networking columnist, Ian Verhappen, addresses open process connectivity (OPC) and how you can use different flavors of it depending on the application and system requirements you face.

The right tool for the job
What might the future hold for remote monitoring and control applications? Senior Tech Editor, Dan Hebert, PE, says the next horizon in portable HMI may be the cell phone, which is cheap, ubiquitous, and produced in larger annual quantities than any consumer electronics device in history.

Power over Ethernet makes progress
A new study shows that just three years since its introduction, PoE is still a growing technology that appears to be satisfying both the technical expectations set by end users and growth expectations set by the industry.

New Products

Industrial Ethernet cables for network reliability

EtherNet/IP-compliant operating system for hazardous areas

Direct connectivity to industrial sensors and drives

Panel-mount digital display for flow meters

Upcoming Events

ISA Automation West
May 1-3, Long Beach, CA

Automation World Conference & Exhibition
May 9-11, Houston, TX

Advanced Manufacturing Expo & Conference
May 15-17, Greenville, SC

MCAA Executive Forum
May 21-23, Orlando, FL

ISA Safety Division Symposium & Training
May 23-24, Houston, TX

Honeywell Users Group Meeting
June 11-15-17, Phoenix, AZ

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