March 7, 2006

Issue Highlights
Can FDT/DTM and EDDL work together?
Playing the field
Fieldbus and remote I/O system comparison
Bridging legacy fieldbus systems
Pocket-size fieldbus guide published

Can FDT/DTM and EDDL work together?
CONTROL Contributing Editor Ian Verhappen, Chair of the Fieldbus Foundation User Group, takes a look at the latest battleground in the Fieldbus Wars and wonders if a ceasefire between FDT/DTM and EDDL is in the offing.

Playing the field
This article introduces a means to manage multiple, standardized fieldbus device tools communicating over multiple digital protocols in any given industrial plant.

Fieldbus and remote I/O system comparison
Nine manufacturers participated in the FuRIOS study, which was conduced under the lead of an end user company that compared its use of fieldbus and remote I/O in full detail.

Ethernet Alliance adds 16 new members
The Ethernet Alliance, an industry group dedicated to the continued success and expansion of Ethernet technology, has announced the addition of 16 new members to its organization, including Cisco Systems.

CONTROL Exclusive

A podcast interview with Elpro Technologies' Graham Moss
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes discusses the state of wireless in the industrial environment with Elpro Technologies' general manager, Graham Moss, who had some interesting opinions about SP100, Wireless HART, the usefulness of mesh networking in process plants, and why he believes it won't work.

Bridging legacy fieldbus systems
Increased efficiencies will be possible for manufacturers deploying TCP/IP over Ethernet industrial networks, however, mixed systems will likely be the rule in the near term. This article discusses the components required for building pure TCP/IP over Ethernet and mixed industrial networks.

Which of our covers was the worst?
Take a look at the last 12 covers of CONTROL magazine and decide which were the best and worst, then take a moment to tell us what you think. You can see them all by viewing our Issue Archive.

Pocket-size fieldbus guide published
The second edition of Foundation Fieldbus: A Pocket Guide by Ian Verhappen and Augusto Pereira has been published by ISA in a larger, easier to read format.

IOC expands digital control at Canada's largest mineral plant
The project connects multiple generations of systems and devices, putting the entire Iron Ore Company of Canada plant under I/A Series control.

Emerson chosen by Suncor to supply digital automation
The company's digital architecture has been chosen to maximize value of Suncor's average annual $3 billion capital investment in North American refineries and oil sands facilities.

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