CP Fab Five
February 7, 2013

ChemProc_Orbitor_100_120207 BETE Fog Nozzle's HydroWhirl™ Orbitor - A New "Revolution" In Tank Cleaning
BETE Fog Nozzle's new HydroWhirl™ Orbitor is a versatile Clean-In-Place (CIP) rotating tank cleaning machine that combines high-impact cleaning efficiency with extended operating life, reduced life cycle costs and simple on-site service. The Orbitor can be completely stripped and rebuilt for maintenance ON-SITE in less than 15 minutes. SPONSORED PRODUCT

Viega_130207Think Flameless for Joining Copper and Stainless
Viega ProPress® is a better way to join copper tubing and stainless steel pipe. Viega ProPress is faster, flameless and more consistent when compared to traditional pipe joining methods. The system makes secure connections in less than seven seconds and helps reduce costly downtime. Fittings are available in sizes ½" to 4" in copper or 304 and 316 stainless steel. For more information, visitwww.ViegaProPress.us. SPONSORED PRODUCT


Explosion Isolation Valve Prevents Spread of Flames

Rembe has added the Ventex passive explosion isolation valve to its combustible dust explosion isolation product line. Ventex has been designed for gas/dust/air mixtures, with one-way or two-way acting system options available as well as signaling options to meet specific application requirements.



Bulk Bag Filler with Dust Tight Bladder Design

Hapman bulk bag fillers accommodate a wider range of bag configurations and a true dust tight seal. A push of a button fills the bladder with compressed air or other inert gas allowing for temporary adhesion to the bag spout. The unique bladder design holds the bag through the filling process. See a video demo. SPONSORED PRODUCT


Folding Impeller Installs Through Mixture-Mounting Nozzle

Sharpe Folding Blade HYFLO 218 Impellers feature a hydrofoil-style, four-blade design that opens with centrifugal force, locking in place when fully opened. Impellers are designed for new and retrofit installations that do not allow for impeller assembly inside of a tank.