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TODAY’S HEADLINES – April 21, 2010

Steve Murray
Basic Preventive Maintenance Could Save Millions in Failures
Plant managers are saving pennies on the dollar to cut back on fundamental cleaning steps and other basic preventive maintenance, meanwhile missing out on perhaps millions of dollars that could be saved through reduced failure rates. Managers all too often still make the decision not to implement the basics. » Read more

Thomas Boerrnert
ABB Takes Aim at Waste Heat Recovery
"Electricity is getting expensive," said Thomas Boerrnert, head of heat recovery for ABB Switzerland. "Especially for the cement industry, reducing energy and carbon dioxide footprint is very important. And waste heat is just blowing out the chimney." Boerrnert showed how much lost waste heat can mean to a cement plant.
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Torgrim Schiefloe
Better Operating Through Simulation
The point of using simulation in operator training is simple. It reduces operator error. "If they are well trained, they make fewer mistakes," said Torgrim Schiefloe, area manager for ABB AS in Norway. Schiefloe presented "Building Operator Confidence and Competence Through Training Simulation" this week at ABB Automation and Power World in Orlando.
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Bob Furry
Ventyx, ABB Putting Smarts in Smart Grid
"By 2020, there are supposed to be abuot 40 million electric vehicles on the road worldwide, but we don’t have the infrastructure to charge them yet," said Bob Furry, general manager and vice president for EPM commercial operations at Ventyx, as he began to enumerate the many challenges the worldwide electrical infrastructure will face in the coming years.
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Rich Vesel
Energy Audits Hunt and Gather Serious Savings
You can’t pick that famous low–hanging fruit if you can’t find the tree. So, to help users find some tasty savings in their often complex and sometimes forest–like applications and facilities, ABB Power Generation North America offers some very thorough energy assessments and audits. Recently, ABB helped a 400 MW, coal–fired power plant identify 47 different opportunities saving them millions of dollars per year. » Read more

Rich Gibson
Make Your Company Defendable Against Safety Failings
Often, when people think of the cost of work–related injuries, they think of the fines imposed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). That may indeed be a sizable chunk of money, but it doesn’t compare to the other costs and collateral damage caused by slips in safety.

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