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Firewall Needed Between AT and IT?
Robert Angelloz, a Control Global reader, submitted the following question to our ‘Ask the Experts’ column:
"We are having an internal argument as to who loads the DeltaV machines when it comes to the Windows software. Should we allow the ‘Business IT’ group to do it, or is this the ‘Controls’ group’s responsibility? Are there any regulations about this?"
This question asks about the domains of information technology (IT) and automation technology (AT), and if a "firewall" is needed between them.
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Your APP for Smart Device Information Integration!
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Efficiency, Sustainability Driving Global Growth for Festo
Since few would argue against the seemingly effortless flight of a bird as the ultimate model of efficiency in motion, it is fitting that automation supplier Festo created its bionic SmartBird to embody the trends it sees driving automation technology into the future. Read more »

Podcast Wireless Podcast
In this podcast, Harry Forbes, senior Analyst at ARC Advisory Group, talks with Jim Montague, Control’s executive editor, about how some of the struggles over wireless networking methods and protocols are shaking out, and how end users can benefit from using wireless technologies. Listen to this podcast now. »

Aug. 22, 2011


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