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September 12, 2006

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Issue Highlights
- The benefits of implementing Process Analytical Technology
- How to survive in a world of connected data
- End users to benefit from wireless standards committee work

A discussion on PAT in pharma applications
Though users in other process industries have seen it coming for years, Process Analytical Technology (PAT) is now bringing similar improvements and benefits to many pharmaceutical applications. This audio podcast focuses on the reasons for implementing PAT and was recorded during the PAT Roundtable that was held at CONTROL's 2006 AutomationXchange in Park City, Utah.

The ABCs of XML, Part 2
The second installment of this four-part article provides more of what you need to know to survive in the world of connected data by introducing XML's fundamental concepts to those who have managed to avoid this important technology until now. Part two also includes recommended links to several reference books and online resources for learning more about XML.

Boiling water is easy as one, two, three, four
There's more to boiler level control than measuring level and adjusting a feedwater valve. CONTROL contributor and flow expert David Spitzer provides information and analysis on how improved measurements and inverse response are just a few of the influences on operating boilers in a reliable manner.

Featured White Papers

PACs for Industrial Control, The Future of Control
Sponsored by National Instruments
As the technological differences between PC and PLC wane, a new class of controllers is emerging for engineers who require higher loop rates, advanced control algorithms, more analog capabilities, and better integration with the enterprise network. The Programmable Automation Controller (PAC) describes this new generation of industrial controllers that combines the functionality of a PLC and a PC.

How to Find Energy Savings in Process Plants
Sponsored by ExperTune
Process plants can make significant reductions in energy usage, with appropriate focus. This paper is focused on making your existing process run more efficiently and focuses on ensuring the optimum performance of your equipment, operations, and controls.

PSUG meeting to be held prior to Automation Fair

Emerson to automate coal-fired, supercritical plant in Wisconsin

End users to benefit from wireless standards committee work

Sponsored Product

Martel-Beta DMC-1400 Is The Documenting Calibrator for the Rest of Us!
The DMC-1400 Multi-Function Calibrator provides lab accuracy, a powerful, easy-to-use interface, and full documenting functions. No special software required. Print calibration certificates in the field with optional portable printer.

New Products

Update for LogMate AMS web browser module

Sight flow indicators are virtually unbreakable

Oil field management software transforms upstream assets

Industry Events

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Iconics Worldwide Customer Summit
September 25-27, Boston, MA

Emerson Global Users Exchange
October 2-6, Nashville, TN

ISA Expo 2006
October 17-19, Houston, TX

October 21-25, Dallas, TX

Automation Fair
October 25-26, Baltimore, MD

Yokogawa Tech Fair & User Conference
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, Houston, TX

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