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January 25, 2007
Welcome to Our Inagural Automation Products Bulletin!

Our newest monthly E-Newsletter will keep you up to date on the most current new products available to the market place for process, factory and machine-control applications. I will be back next month and every month with more new product updates. Enjoy.

Patti Pool, new products editor

Patti's Picks

Motion control: The series
Series of motion control product catalogs helps machine builders implement automation systems. Subjects include individual segments of the motion control range, machine automation software, motion controllers, ac servo drives, ac servo motors and gears, and more. PDFs can be downloaded at

Chemical compatible gas gage
PPMG series gages have psi scales with 0.5% full-scale, ANSI B40.1 Grade 2A accuracy. The 4.5 in. gages are designed with an aluminum front-flange safety case with a solid front and pressure-relief rear opening. Gages are available in ranges from full vacuum, compound to 10,000 psi.

Rack-mounted CNC solution
IndraMotion MTX CNC achieves shorter machine cycle times.

ControlNet cable
Belden's RG-6/U continuously corrugated aluminum armored cable.

Rotary stages
Aerotech's Alar direct-drive rotary stages.

Unique DC-UPS
PULS UB10.241 24 V dc-UPS offers a method of battery back-up.

Start machines safely
Rockwell's TUV-certified Kinetix 6000 safety servo drive.

RF vector signal analyzer
Keithley Instruments' 2810 signal analyzer tests wireless devices.

Variable speed motor control
FactoryMations' Teco FM50 sub-micro AC drive.

Load indicator
Loadstar Sensors' DS-2100 load indicator measures output data.

The 10-step purge system
Pepperl+Fuchs'web-based purge system configuration tool.

EP-NIR analyzer
Aspectrics' multicomponent 2750 analyzer monitors in real time.

Motion control systems catalog
Parker's guide covers linear and rotary positioning stages.

Continuous power distribution
Phoenix Contact's Duplicon system for energy distribution.

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