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Pharmaceutical Manufacturing MagazineIn Pharma, manufacturing has never been more important. And Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is leading the way.

At most drug companies today, attention and resources are focused, as never before, on scale up and manufacturing operations. The reasons for this focus are clear:

At the same time, FDA is transforming its old "command and control" approach to regulation, emphasizing the need for process understanding, risk assessment, and Quality by Design. The Agency has outlined a new vision for drug manufacturing, but has not mapped out how to get there.

As a result, drug manufacturing professionals need actionable, inspiring examples of how their peers and thought leaders within the industry, are applying the principles of Quality by Design and Operational Excellence to drug scaleup, manufacturing and packaging. They also need to see how manufacturing fits into the bigger picture of improved drug development, supply chain management and customer satisfaction.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, the only publication devoted exclusively to drug manufacturing and scaleup, is dedicated to sharing best practices that will help drug industry professionals:

Unlike broader publications that cover the entire pharmaceutical life cycle, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing's print and digital products focus on the manufacturing, quality and scaleup functions so critical to the industry's future. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing's editors search for examples of best practices from all over the world, so that readers can learn from their peers and the experts who are actively applying the principles of quality by design and scientific manufacturing, each and every day, at their facilities.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing offers:

Industry exclusive benchmarking surveys: Gives our readers — and you — keen insight into the major manufacturing issues facing the industry today such as:

Singular focus: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing is very serious in its mission to help drug makers understand and improve their processes, and gain manufacturing efficiencies, thus improving speed to market within the highly regulated Pharma environment.. Can there be a better editorial environment in which to deliver your marketing message? Reach manufacturing and operations executives, engineers, QA and QC professionals, corporate executives, regulatory compliance specialists, packaging and purchasing professionals when new manufacturing technologies are top of their mind.

Greater cost efficiency and service: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing delivers a large, targeted audience at a price your budget can manage. Advertisers enjoy rich returns through qualified sales leads, access via several media, events, and customized sales lead-generation programs.

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