Control Design

Control Design MagazineControl Design encompasses an integrated suite of print, digital and event marketing platforms within the industrial automation marketplace, exclusively dedicated to the special information needs of industrial machine builders.

These industrial original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) are a unique market in that many of them don't use much automation technology—but, according to surveys by the Freedonia Group, they purchase more than half of all industrial controls deployed in industry.

Top Three U.S. Trade PublicationWhen you think of Control Design's audience, think of GE, which builds the turbine-generator set that is sold to Commonwealth Edison. Think of Heidelberg, which builds the printing press that is sold to the New York Times. Think of York, which builds the refrigeration system that is sold to Budweiser.

Indeed, machine builders that embed industrial controls represent a universe that Control Design penetrates more deeply than any other automation magazine. These 19,000 firms nationwide represent $173 billion* in sales annually (64% of total machinery sales in NAICS 333). Further, in the United States alone, these machine builders spend some $8 billion annually on industrial controls.

If you are tasked with selling machine automation technology to industry, and find that OEMs are a key path to your product's ultimate end-user markets, we can help you with a range of marketing challenges—from creating brand awareness to generating leads to arranging one-on-one strategic sales discussions with key prospects.

* Source: U.S. Dept. of Commerce.