Competitive Advantages

We take your success personally.

We are an "open-book" company and as such, all of our associates have access to the revenue and profitability represented by each of our customers. Everyone on the team knows it's our ability to satisfy you, the customer. That determines job security and increased financial success.

This commitment, to satisfying your needs as the path to sustainable growth and profitability for Putman, results in people who take your business and your success personally.

We are fast.

Our people are empowered to make decisions. No one you work with at Putman is more than two levels removed from the CEO. This "flat" organization results in a bias for speed that is often a critical difference between success and mediocrity.

We are investors and builders.

Great media services are built over time. Successful relationships need patience, commitment and hard work. As a privately held firm with continuous ownership for over 30 years, we play for the long term, not for the next quarter. That's one reason we have had success launching new magazines and becoming market leaders—we keep investing.

We guarantee performance.

What are the desired outcomes from your communications investment? How will you evaluate and measure success?

Bring us on your team and let's create solutions together. We will stand behind our agreed to performance measures and deliver results as mutually agreed. If we're wrong, we'll pay for your program until you get the ROI we expected.

At the end of the day we are only successful when you are successful.

We have credibility in your markets.

This relationship with the community works for our clients in many ways, including customer publications, database developments, market research, training, and of course, advertising in an 'atmosphere for selling.'

To earn respect among readers and users of our content we are dedicated to understanding the key issues in the community and then helping management make well informed decisions.