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March 2016 Preview

Ad Closing: February 12, 2016 | Material Closing: February 19, 2016

Special Reports
State of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Union & Career/Salary Survey Results
We offer a snapshot of the Pharma industry's landscape to provide a high-altitude view of the current state of its undeniably complex union. Pharma's current events set the context for our annual readership study, which offers even more insight from the people directly involved and derived from their responses to Pharmaceutical Manufacturing's 13th annual Career and Salary survey.

McKinsey on Operations Excellence
Flawless: From Measuring failure to building quality Robustness in Pharma
McKinsey analysts Andrew Gonce, Lorenzo Positano, Paurl Rutten and Vanya Telpis contend that having zero errors, being flawless should be the objective for quality in the Pharma industry. However, many companies continue to work on resolving current issues and process deviations, symptoms, rather than the cause. McKinsey explores how Pharma can build better products and process from the very start in this thought-provoking installment from McKinsey.

Informatics and Data Management
Incorporating a Site Management System for Track & Trace
Mettler Toledo's Reinhold van Ackeren notes that in an increasing number of markets, especially those served by Pharma, only those companies that meet required standards for serialization and traceability are permitted to sell their products. Pharmaceutical companies can now ensure the future viability of their operations by adding Track & Trace capability to their business plan. Van Ackeren explains how software from Mettler-Toledo on the production line and integrated with the central company ERP system, can enable efficient Track & Trace processes.

Proactive Quality and Compliance
Catalent's Holistic Approach to HPAPI Operations
According to Karolina Narczykiewicz, Operations EHS Manager for Catalent, it is important to recognize that there is no single approach that fits all applications when working with potent compounds. Risk assessment is essential, and must be done before manufacturing or onboarding compounds to ensure the best solution for that particular case is chosen. Tailoring the approach to the process is key, and Narczykiewicz brings Catalent's holistic, successful approach to light.

Automation & Control
Saving Time and Money with Automated DCS Patching
Eli Lilly and Co. Consultant Engineer Kurt Russell explains that as industrial control systems have moved from proprietary hardware and software to commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) equipment, they have become exponentially more vulnerable to cyber threats. New threats appear in rapid succession. For this reason, security patches developed by Microsoft, antivirus updates by security companies such as Symantec and hotfixes by industrial control equipment companies are distributed on a regular basis. This can present a considerable problem for those in charge of keeping everything up to date, and Russell outlines how Eli Lilly does it.

Process Innovation
What Would the Pharmaceutical Landscape Look Like in 2026?
Girish Malhotra, PE, of EPCOT International reviews the pharma landscape and makes some predictions 10 years in the future. His observations are based on the changes we are experiencing now.

Innovators/Product Focus
Single-Use Technologies/Bioreactors
Product round-up from prominent biopharmaceutical process systems and related equipment suppliers.

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