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September 2014 Issue Preview

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Cover Story
Facilities and Operations Investment Reader Survey
With more and more of Pharma's "traditional" players creating global supply chains which include sourcing manufacturing from both internal and external sources, old models of capital spending and investment are shifting. Much of production used to be in-house, and supported by longer term capital investments, but now suppliers and contract services providers are offering more opportunities to fund operational necessities with operating expense dollars. Editor Steven Kuehn combines the results of the survey with insightful reporting on what is the Pharma community's prevailing attitude on financing its production environment.

Energy Conservation Incentive Program Participation A Success Story
Karen Braun (Johnson Controls), Nicholas Crist GSK), Russell Watters, of Genesis recount how GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), is establishing a corporate mandate to reduce CO2 emissions across the value chain below 2010 values, by 10 percent in 2015 and 25 percent by 2020. In Pennsylvania, GSK's reduction efforts dovetailed with the state's own Act-129's energy reduction mandate for commercial electricity providers, enabling GSK to leverage the regional energy service provider's (ESP's) Act-129 incentive program to accelerate the pace of these reductions. Through a collaboration between GSK, Johnson Controls, Inc. and Genesis Engineers, Inc. (Genesis) and a positive working relationship with the program administrator, GSK received more than $2 million in energy conservation incentives.

Proactive Quality & Compliance
Maximizing Solvent Removal Efficiency
According to Graham Lewis, Technical Consultant, Thermo Fisher Scientific Environmental and Process Monitoring, solvent removal is a key stage in many pharmaceutical processes and commonly occurs through a drying process, in which the solvent evaporates from the product in a process vessel such as a vacuum, tray or rotary drier. To make the solvent drying process more effective and efficient, many companies have turned to process analyzers analytical instruments that take regular readings of solvent levels while the process is occurring, rather than only at the end. Lewis reviews the key elements of this proactive quality strategy and its potential impact on operations.

Supply Chain Excellence
A New Way To Preserve the Value to Patent Portfolios
Anthony D. Sabatelli, explains that drug manufacturers have increasingly come to rely on their patent portfolios as well as on trade laws to protect companies from being scammed by bad actors selling counterfeit and unauthorized goods. In his article Sabatelli reveals how a natural principle developed by Molecular Isotope Technologies that's based on naturally-abundant stable isotopes can be used to identify individual batches of pharmaceutical materials via these chemical tracers, to determine the origins of drug products and pathways to help pharmaceutical companies and law enforcement authorities combat counterfeiting.

Plant Tour
Vetter's World-Class Facility in Chicago
Since 2011, Vetter has been ramping up small-batch clinical manufacturing operations at a repurposed pharma facility in Skokie, Illinois a Chicago suburb. The state-of-the-art facility is fielding highly advanced processes to provide aseptic filling of syringes, cartridges and vials for early-stage clinical trials. The facility supports development of preclinical through Phase II products, via processes designed to mirror those at Vetter's European facilities, thus enabling seamless transfer at Phase III for commercial manufacture. Pharmaceutical Manufacturing was invited inside Vetter's first U.S. facility, optimized for processing monoclonal antibodies, peptides and interferons.

Solutions Focus
Water, Chemical and Gas Delivery
Product round-up from prominent equipment suppliers.

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