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July/August 2015 Issue Preview

Ad Closing: June 26, 2015 | Material Closing: July 15, 2015

Special Report
All-Star Innovators 2015
Evolutionary or revolutionary, technical innovation is driving new gains in Pharma manufacturing efficiency and accuracy. Since last August, vendors, suppliers and PhM contributors have submitted products and technologies for consideration by our editorial panel. The top picks, chosen for their intrinsic innovation, become our All-Star Innovators for 2015. This year's All-Star team has a very competitive roster of advanced technologies and features ready to speed the manufacturing and operational excellence of drug processors running the bases from development to packaging.

Operational Excellence
Optimizing Global Engineering Efficiency with an Holistic Project Approach
Developing new global manufacturing capacity requires tremendous effort these days. Rockwell Automation's global engineering project experience helps them understand only all to well that to manage the complexities associated with such intensive, demanding projects requires a collaborative, process-driven framework to pull off successfull--closer to the planned budget and schedul--and something many plant engineering projects fail to achieve.

Technology at Work
Controls Help Integrated DNA Technologies Make DNA Oligos on Demand
Powerful PC-based control platform from Beckhoff reduces IDT's costs by $4,500 per system; smaller machine footprint effectively doubles system throughput and lowers cabinet assembly time by 66 percent.

Proactive Quality & Control
Advances in Process Analytical Technologies
PAT vendors are continually advancing the usability, reliability, accuracy and efficacy of their technologies, and contributing editor Emil Ciurzak walks us through 2015's recent crop of offerings, revealing some technology "wins" that are ready to support quality analytical operations.

Technology Up Close
Plant Engineering the Lego Way
Some of the best processing minds in the industry are creating new opportunities to support competitive agility. Festo's engineers fall into that category and have been thinking deeply about how to accommodate the smaller batches and processing different types of product in the same plant--an operating reality in response to the market demands more and more manufacturers in the process industries are facing. The answer, Festo posits, are plants based on the "Lego principle." The big idea is this: users can add modules or switch them off in line with requirements. But this operating flexibility is only possible with modular automation. PhM's editor in chief Steven Kuehn takes a careful look at this innovative concept.

Best Practices
The Roots of Product Lifecycle Management
Tony Christian, director of research for analyst group Cambashi, has written about PLM for the process manufacturing. In this piece, Christian reviews three of the ways that process PLM has been approached historically and what the outlook is for the future. Christian notes that regulatory demands are a core part of PLM for process manufacturers and that collaboration is a coming need for the industry -- and with the growing robustness of PLM that process manufacturers will take advantage of off-the-shelf options with more attractive costs and greater accessibility.

Product Round-Up
Piping and Tubing
Product round-up from prominent piping and tubing equipment and technology suppliers.

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