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October 2015 Issue Preview

Ad Closing: September 18, 2015 | Material Closing: September 25, 2015

Special Report
Results of our Second Annual Facilities & Operational Investment Study
With more and more of Pharma's "traditional" players creating global supply chains, which include sourcing manufacturing from both internal and external sources, old models of capital spending and investment are shifting. Much of production used to be in-house, and supported by longer term capital investments, but now suppliers and contract services providers are offering more opportunities to fund operational necessities with OpEx dollars. Editor Steven Kuehn combines the results of the second annual survey with insightful reporting on what is the Pharma community's prevailing attitude on financing its production environment.

Operational Excellence
Better Water, Better Pharma Process
Industry veteran Mary Sexton talks operations and best practices and offers readers and editor Steven Kuehn a dialogue that reveals current best-practice thinking on one of the most vital, fundamental of Pharma's utilities.

Technology at Work
Pfizer Vets Intelligent Scheduling Technology's Adaptability
Pfizer is always searching for ways to enhance the pharmaceutical manufacturing process. Recently the company determined that their scheduling process for packaging of pharmaceutical goods warranted closer examination. To gain clarity on what technologies might serve this aspect of operations better, Pfizer managers created a study to determine what alternate planning and scheduling options might provide suitable utility and performance. Their study revealed Aurora, an intelligent scheduling technology available from Stottler Henke, was flexible and adaptable enough to produce superior results compared to Pfizer's current packaging process.

Best Practices
New Developments in Controlled Nucleation
Freeze drying, also known as lyophilisation, plays an important role in drug manufacturing by stabilizing delicate pharmaceutical and biological products. According to Linde Gases experts, over the past several decades significant progress has been made in the design of freeze-drying processes. Controlling nucleation in this process is tricky, especially when it comes to biopharmaceuticals. Part primer, part case study, Linde reveals how innovation is enabling the industry to take full advantage of the recently developed technologies, including those from Linde in the field of controlled nucleation.

Plant Tour
Photonics for Improved Pharma Process
Janssen Supply Chain, part of Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and a pharmaceutical company of Johnson & Johnson, announced recently that is has configured its Gurabo, Puerto Rico plant to continuously manufacture (CM) the drug Prezista. According to Janssen Supply Chain: [the company] "is at the forefront of CM advancement, focusing on a more reliable process that will yield lower costs, waste reduction and time to market savingsŭespecially important in the pharmaceutical industry in light of breakthrough therapies." Mauricio Futran, VP of Advanced Technology for Janssen Manufacturing and Technical Operations, provides insight into Janssen's strategic and innovative move to process Prezista using CM manufacturing techniques.

Automation & Control
VDC Brings All Parties Together Within a Single Model
Ed Royzman and John Gill of the SSOE Group find it is both exciting and challenging to live through leaps in technology. Current generations have seen such a leap from blueprints on a drafting table to Computer Aided Design (CAD) drawings. Today, the building and construction professions are moving from 2D building plans as the standard to 3D building models, or 3D/BIM, which incorporates Building Information Modeling (BIM). In addition to 3D/BIM, technology is now expanding to Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), a complete modern design plan and delivery method, in which 3D/BIM is one of several elements. Gill and Royzman outline VDC and its ability to integrate the project team, the technology and a total project delivery strategy.

Product Round-Up
Tableting Systems and Technology
Product round-up from prominent oral solid dose processing systems and related equipment suppliers.

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