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Cover Story
More Energy Goes into Energy Efficiency
By Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
Chemical companies are pursuing a variety of strategies to boost the energy efficiency of their operations. Here's a rundown on some important initiatives and the improvements that chemical makers are achieving.

Maintenance and Operations
Keep a Sense of Vulnerability
By Roy Sanders, Process Safety Consultant
Because serious safety incidents occur so rarely at many plants, staff at those sites can become complacent and not take all appropriate steps to avoid these risks. Maintaining a sense of vulnerability is essential to overcome this.

Solids and Fluids Handling
Pay Attention to Piping
By Amin Almasi, Rotating Equipment Consultant
Processes depend upon piping. So, a piping system should get careful consideration during design. Key factors to evaluate include piping design and layout, piping support design and pipe stress analysis.

Instrumentation and Control
Overcome the Fear of Advanced Process Control
By Perry Nordh, Honeywell Process Solutions
Advanced process control can significantly improve operations. However, some plants resist adopting advanced control because of concerns about sustaining it. Proper planning, implementation and maintenance are key.

Making it Work
Pilot Plant Benefits from Using DOE
By Ron Stites, Stites & Associates
Pilot plants often play an important role in process development. Planned experiments are crucial to gathering meaningful data from their operation. A design of experiments (DOE) approach paid off at several pilot plants.

Energy Saver
Make Cooling a Hot Topic
By Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
Cooling towers and fin fans are essential process heat sinks that often don't get adequate attention. Not operating them at optimum levels can impact the energy intensity, throughput and controls on the upstream process.

Plant InSites
Effectively Control Positive Displacement Pumps
By Andrew Sloley, Troubleshooting Columnist
When flow control is needed for a positive displacement pump, the options aren't the same as for a centrifugal pump. Several approaches can be used. These include changing the speed of the pump or using an external recycle loop.

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