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Ad Closing: February 12, 2016 | Material Closing: February 18, 2016

Cover Story
Emissions Get Emphasis
By Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
Chemical makers are devoting considerable attention to preventing fugitive emissions from plant equipment. They are upgrading leak detection and repair programs, switching to better seals, and taking other steps to limit such pollution.

Design & Optimization
Use Process Hazard Analysis Strategically
By GC Shah, Wood Group Mustang
A number of situations offer under-appreciated opportunities for getting insights from a process hazard analysis. These include divestitures and acquisitions, sites with multiple plants, joint-venture projects, and implementation of new technologies

Maintenance and Operations
Consider Plastic Piping
By Amin Almasi, Rotating Equipment Consultant
Plastic piping can provide better corrosion resistance than carbon steel piping and lower costs than alloy piping. However, use of plastic demands consideration of a number of factors, including service temperature, mechanical stresses, ageing and creep.

Instrumentation and Control
Improve pH Control
By Greg McMillan, Chris Stuart and Rehman Fazeem, Mynah Technologies, and Daniel Forciniti, Missouri University of Science and Technology
Fast, robust charge-balance models can improve control system capability, operability and reliability -- and thus process performance. These models can deal with a complex mixture of ions, and can be easily set up and modified by simple changes.

Making it Work
Better Process Management Avoids Tradeoffs
By Peter Van Hauwermeiren, Hitachi Consulting
Adopting a lean production method and other improvements, including in maintenance efficiency and planning rates, allowed Taminco to boost output by 20% and achieve 25% better overall equipment effectiveness within 32 weeks.

Energy Saver
Cut Chiller's Compressor Costs
By Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
Several low-cost changes to refrigerant compressors can save energy. These include reducing entering condenser water temperature, and minimizing the use of multiple compressors. Decreasing refrigerant temperature also might be possible.

Solid Advice
Don't Err About Fluidization
By Tom Blackwood, Columnist
Particle fluidization often can offer important benefits such as improved heat transfer and possibly better mixing. Even when attrition or product segregation poses risks, limitations can be designed around or even used to advantage. Here're some tips.

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