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Cover Story
Chemical Makers Find Umbrellas Handy
By Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
Umbrella groups enable chemical companies to work together to more effectively address issues that they have in common or to foster cooperation on particular projects. Here's a rundown on some of the latest such groups, their goals and initiatives.

Design and Optimization
Effectively Comply With OSHA's PSM
By Adam Jackson and Bob Steffens, ACS Engineering
Achieving compliance with the Process Safety Management regulations requires an understanding of its 14 elements, which are inter-related, and the Chemical National Emphasis Program. Here are some tips as well as common mistakes to avoid.

Solids and Fluids Handling
Quickly Estimate Reagent Addition Time
By Michael Gentilcore, Mallinckrodt Pharmaceutical, and Luigi Grippa, Libero Professionista
Batches often include a step where a reagent is added to a mixture being stirred in a reactor -- with the time allocated for the addition depending upon the heat production rate. A simple equation to determine the time necessary suffices in many situations.

Instrumentation and Control
Choose the Right Flow Meter
By Brian Kettner, Badger Meter
Accurate flow measurement is crucial for the optimum operation of almost all processes. This article discusses the most-common technologies used in flow instruments as well as the key factors that should be considered in selecting a meter..

Making it Work
Bio-based Isobutanol Beckons
By Chris Ryan, Gevo Inc.
With the same renewable feedstocks used to make ethanol, process yields isobutanol and offers advantages for existing ethanol plants. Two proprietary developments -- a yeast that produces isobutanol and product recovery technolog -- are key.

Energy Saver
Properly Assess the Performance of Heat Exchangers
By Riyaz Papar, Energy Columnist
Correlating heat exchanger performance to operating cost or energy savings can be tricky but is very important because it can determine whether an exchanger must be shut down for cleaning or can continue to operate until the next scheduled turnaround.

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