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Cover Story
Reactive Distillation Gains Ground
By Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
Companies are showing greater interest in reactive distillation. This technology combines reaction and distillation in a single unit, increasing product output by enabling removal of byproduct while a reaction takes place.

Maintenance and Operations
Overcome Risk Assessment Challenges
By Angela Summers, SIS-TECH Solutions
Most people performing a hazard analysis can't fully appreciate all the ways a process might misbehave. Heeding crucial pointers can help avoid common mistakes and uncover potential risks that otherwise might be missed.

Solids and Fluids Handling
Make the Most of Gas Turbines
By Amin Almasi, Rotating Equipment Consultant
Plants often choose gas turbines to drive large compressors and very large pumps. This article provides practical tips for selection, qualification via studies and tests, as well as operation and monitoring of gas turbines.

Instrumentation and Control
Properly Orient Sampling System Probes
By Dean Slejko, Swagelok Co.
Most sampling systems rely on probes to extract samples for analysis. Process stream conditions and application needs are key factors in determining the optimum location and orientation of these probes.

Making it Work
Immersive Simulator Provides Potent Benefits
By Greg Hale, Industrial Safety and Security Source
French oil and gas giant Total has turned to a simulator that offers a realistic 3D environment to train operators for the massive Pazflor floating production, storage and offloading unit off the coast of Angola.

Energy Saver
Take Advantage of Wastes
By Ven Venkatesan, Energy Columnist
Many plants generate gaseous or liquid wastes that incur disposal costs. Often these materials instead can go to incinerators or boilers that can utilize their fuel value, or flare gas recovery units that can capture heat from streams.

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