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Cover Story
Cyber Security Gets Heightened Attention
By Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
Chemical makers are reacting to cyber security threats by changing policies, e.g., for procurement and operations, and taking other steps. Vendors are introducing products and services to better address vulnerabilities.

Maintenance and Operations
Rethink Your Approach to Compliance
By Brian Everett, Itelligence
Companies should go from being reactive, i.e., complying with existing regulations, to being proactive, i.e., planning ahead of time for prospective regulations. Such a head start can benefit both innovation and compliance.

Solids and Fluids Handling
Optimize Turbo-Compressor Configuration
By Amin Almasi, Rotating Equipment Consultant
Turbo-compressors are widely used because they are flexible and efficient. However, ensuring their optimum performance and reliability requires paying close attention to inter-stage pressures, design, operation and auxiliaries.

Instrumentation and Control
Consider Inferential Sensors
By Arthur Kordon, Leo Chiang, Zdravko Stefanov and Ivan Castillo, Dow Chemical
Some critical process parameters can't be measured directly in real time. Inferring measurements from ones that can be made can provide a valuable workaround. The evolution of inferential sensors opens up wider opportunities.

Making it Work
Innovative Design Copes With Tight Plant Footprint
By Art Goldmann, EPIC Systems
Installing new ethanol extraction technology was tricky because the existing facility couldn't be altered and ongoing operations precluded onsite construction. A two-skids-in-one distillation-column design provided the solution.

Energy Saver
Optimize Electrical Systems
By Ven Venkatesan, Energy Columnist
Many facilities can reduce costs by performing certain operations when electricity charges aren't at "peak demand" rates, by increasing the power factor of motors and by improving the condition of motor-driven equipment.

Plant InSites
What Should a Process Design Basis Contain?
By Andrew Sloley, Troubleshooting Columnist
The process design basis sets important parameters for the engineering team responsible for designing a new plant or modifying an existing one. So, it should address a wide variety of factors and provide specific guidance.

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