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Cover Story
Chemical Makers Embrace Sustainability
By Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
More and more chemical manufacturers are placing greater emphasis on improving the sustainability of their operations. This is impacting a host of factors, including feedstock selection and even choice of supply-chain partners.

Maintenance and Operations
Get Up-to-Speed on Axial Compressors
By Amin Almasi, Rotating Equipment Eonsultant
An axial compressor offers higher efficiency, higher speed capability and higher capacity for a given size than a centrifugal compressor, but has relatively low pressure capability, a narrower operating range and fragile components.

Solids and Fluids Handling
Choose the Right Wire Cloth
By Marvin Greenstein, Newark Wire Cloth
Proper selection of wire cloth can make a big difference in the cost and efficiency of fluid handling systems. A user must consider a wide variety of factors, including compatibility with the fluid, the fluid's viscosity and flow rates.

Instrumentation and Control
Succeed with Sample Conditioning
By Michael Hoffman, Siemens
Sample conditioning systems can suffer from incorrect temperature, restricted flow, improper phase control, etc., thus compromising analyzer measurements. A new standard may lead to better ways to address these challenges.

Making it Work
Take Care with Duplex Stainless Steels
By Helga Leonhard and Gernot Grötsch, TÜV SÜD Chemie Service
Duplex stainless steels have a reputation for excellent corrosion resistance. However, such steels aren't immune to attack, as stress corrosion cracking found on a distillation column at one chemical plant points up.

Energy Saver
Give Leaks of Steam and Condensate Proper Priority
By Ven Venkatesan, Energy Columnist
Leaks of steam and condensate are visible profit drainers in a plant's steam distribution system. Yet many plants just treat them as housekeeping issues. Instead, it's important to take care of them as quickly as they're reported.

Plant InSites
Combat Inlet Flow Recirculation
By Andrew Sloley, Troubleshooting Columnist
Centrifugal pumps can exhibit flow recirculation at low flows. Such recirculation can damage the impeller and put added stress on other components. Various mechanical and process modifications can reduce the consequences.

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