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Cover Story
The Internet of Things Beckons
By Seán Ottewell, Editor at Large
The Internet of Things (i.e., machines communicating with other machines) and the growing popularity of mobile devices at plants promise to markedly transform and improve how chemical makers handle asset management.

Design and Optimization
Get Outside Help to Improve Plant Safety
By Peter Wilmarth, SSOE Group
Establishing or enhancing safety measures for complex and dangerous chemical operations can be daunting and tax the capabilities of a company's staff. Engineering firms can help to identify and address safety concerns.

Solids and Fluids Handling
Use the Optimum Boiler Feedwater Pump
By Amin Almasi, Rotating Equipment Consultant
Dependable operation of the boiler feedwater pump of a steam generation unit is crucial for many chemical processes. Issues related to design, fabrication, suction and driver must be considered in determining the right pump.

Instrumentation and Control
Properly Orient Sampling System Probes
By Dean Slejko, Swagelok Co.
Most sampling systems rely on probes to extract samples for analysis. Process stream conditions and application needs are key factors in determining the optimum location and orientation of these probes.

Making it Work
Automated Chromatographic Alignment Advances High-Throughput Testing
By Mark Krawczyk et al., UOP, and Martin Plassen et al., SINTEF Materials and Chemistry
Gas chromatographs commonly are used to assess the performance of potential catalysts. An effective real-time automated way to correct retention time shifts across multiple chromatographs has provided significant value.

Energy Saver
Optimize Energy Use
By Ven Venkatesan, Energy Columnist
Improving motor efficiency is the most common way to reduce consumption of electricity. However, thermal images can provide insights on other opportunities. And don't ignore plugged-in, as opposed to hard-wired, loads.

Plant InSites
Use a Pump to Measure Internal Column Flows
By Andrew Sloley, Troubleshooting Columnist
Precisely measuring internal flow within a column can improve control. Finding this flow usually requires removing it. Using a pump to return the flow offers advantages and disadvantages compared to using gravity flow.

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