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June 11, 2009 | View on the web | Subscribe| Unsubscribe
Issue Highlights
Building a Healthier Savory Snack
Crispy, salty, crunchy … savory snacks are healthier than ever. But what’s next? Manufacturers and ingredient companies are working together to help build the next generation of savory snacks.

In spite of health recommendations telling us to avoid eating between meals, snacks are a growing multibillion-dollar industry covering a wide variety of items -- from bars to chips, from carbohydrate-based to protein-based. Perhaps the real challenge is, for many consumers, the term “healthy snack” is an oxymoron. But today’s food processors are working to change that.

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The Process of Processing a Healthy Savory Snack
So just how does one go about creating a line of healthy, savory snacks?

Superfruits: Back to Basics
You do not have to travel to faraway places to get your antioxidants.

Wellness Foods News
U.S. organic sales grew by ‘only’ 16 percent in 2008
Organic food sales enjoy a healthy year, but growth is slowing.

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Purified Green Tea Extract Now Available At a Lower Price

Process Aid Improves the Body, Consistency, and Conversion Characteristics of Cheese

Certified Organic Annatto Extracts for Coloring Are Now Available

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