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September 12, 2006

Issue Highlights
- Organic in the eye of the beholder
- Guarana goes mainstream
- Digestive health gives something to chew on

Well Noted: Organic By Any Other Name
The boom in demand for organic foods and ingredients threatens to outpace supply. Yet some companies are coming under fire for allegedly "fudging" what is truly organic. The question is, do the cows have to be happy for the milk to be organic?

Nutrition Beyond the Trends: The 400-lb. Guarana in the Room
Extract from guarana, a berry that grows in the Amazon, revs your engine and is also said to increase memory, thin the blood and even peel off pounds. Is there nutrition magic in that berry or is the answer a little more down to earth?

Digestive Health's New Phase
Probiotic, prebiotic…the more we understand and encourage a healthy g.i. tract, the better we can protect ourselves from disease.

Food Safety Warnings

Americans Dieting Their Own Way

Ingredients for Success

Clean-label bouillon from sunflowers

Splendid sprout powders

Soy isolates for kids

Coming Events

Natural Products Expo East / Healthy Foods Conference
Oct. 4-7, Baltimore, Md.

4th International Conference Soy & Health 2006
Oct. 12-13, Düsseldorf, Germany

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