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February 8, 2005

David Feder, R.D., Editor


Editor's Note

Snacks are big business; healthy snacks doubly so. That is, double-digit growth, driven by the manufacturers of the mainstream snacks our parents warned us against. These multibillion dollar food companies stepped up to the responsible snack plate by reformulating their core products to meet healthier criteria.
—David Feder, R.D., Editor

FROM THE EDITORS: Snack attack

WF Snackdown
Wellness Foods,
Snacks have changed for the better and at least one grazing editor is pleased.

FEATURES: Guidance from USDA and our readers

New Dietary Guidelines Released
Wellness Foods,
After a lengthy and conflict-ridden process the USDA released the new 2005 Dietary Guidelines for Healthy Americans on January 12.

2005 Readers' Choice Awards
Wellness Foods,
Wellness Foods magazine readers choose their favorite nutritional ingredient suppliers. Check out the winners here.

WEB SPECIALS: Exclusives and aggregated finds

Whole Foods Market Looks to Double Sales in 5 Years
From tiny storefront hippie emporium to global juggernaut, Whole Foods Market changed the face of supermarkets across the nation. Free site registration is required.

Good Fats Decrease Multiple Heart Disease Risk Factors
Wellness Foods,
Walnuts, walnut oil and flaxseed oil in one's diet make for a powerful combination in warding off heart disease, research suggests.

HEALTH-E-BITES: News and research

Kraft Cuts "Junk Food" Ads Aimed at Children
Wellness Foods,
Kraft Foods to stop advertising less healthful snacks and beverages to children as part of an overall plan to combat childhood obesity.

Take Two M&Ms and Call Me in the Morning
Wellness Foods,
Healthful components in chocolate may work better than codeine for coughs.

Are You a Super Taster?
Wellness Foods,
Rutgers University researchers have identified an inverse relationship between an individual's sensitivity to bitter compounds in broccoli and other foods, and how much food that person tends to take in each day.


NEW PRODUCT PROFILES: Ingredients to investigate


Flavored Xylitol Blend Gives Multiple Options
»  Antioxidants Serve As Potent Preservatives
»  Flavor Agents Designed to Dazzle Kids

COMING EVENTS: Trade shows, conferences, etc.


National Nutrition Month Promotes Wellness, March 1-31
»  Nutracon/Natural Products West, Anaheim, Calif., March 16-20, 2005

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