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WellnessFoods Insider

WellnessFoods Insider - January 11, 2005

David Feder, R.D., Editor


Editor's Note

A new year means new resolutions, usually health related. Where better to get the latest health and wellness news than WellnessFoods Insider? This month we bring you up to date on omega oils, vitamin shortfalls and unfamiliar grains, and why I take smoothies personally.
—David Feder, R.D., Editor

FROM THE EDITORS: Smooth moves

In Praise of Smoothies
Wellness Foods,
Wellness Foods Editor David Feder, R.D., tells tales out of school and the merging of smoothies with meal replacement beverages.

FEATURES: Trends and insights

Healthy Omega Oils Are More Than Some Fish Tale
Wellness Foods,
Omega fatty acids are one of the healthiest compounds fish have to offer. Find out why.

The New Dietary Guidelines Are Coming. Are Vitamins a Worry?
Wellness Foods,
The committees working on development of the 2005 Dietary Guidelines suspect some vitamins may be of concern as deficient in the American diet.

WEB SPECIALS: Exclusives and aggregated finds

Grains Is Plural
Wellness Foods,
Dr. Mark Anthony shows us what we’re missing in those amber waves of grain when we limit our thinking to wheat, corn, and oats.

National Nutrition Month Promotes Wellness
Wellness Foods,
The American Dietetic Association-sponsored annual event urges consumers to "Get a Taste for Nutrition."

HEALTH-E-BITES: Brainy fats, healthful beer

Omega-3 Fats Feed the Brain, Not the Hips
Long-chain omega-3 fatty acids benefit the human brain and may improve psychiatric conditions and visual function, according to peer-reviewed research.

“Functional” Swedish Beer Makes Its U.S. Debut
Beverage Marketing USA has begun distributing an oat-based beer brewed with a patented enzyme technology that creates heart-healthy beta-glucans.


NEW PRODUCT PROFILES: Co-Q10, low-linolenic oil


Water-Soluble Co-Q10 Makes a Splash
»  Low-Linolenic Soybean Oil Can Replace Trans Fats

COMING EVENTS: Destination: California


Kosher World Conference & Expo/Los Angeles, February 15-16, 2005
»  Nutracon/Natural Products West, Anaheim, Calif., March 16-20, 2005

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