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November 21, 2006

Issue Highlights
- Process control and SCADA security best practices
- Applying NIST SP 800-53 to industrial control systems
- Control system security technical risk assessment

Process control and SCADA security best practices
This guide is designed to impart good practice for securing industrial process control, automation, distributed control and SCADA systems. It provides an overview of the necessity for process control and SCADA system security, highlights the differences between process control and SCADA system security and IT security, and identifies seven best practices principles.

SCADA system makers pushed toward security
Idaho National Laboratory and the New York State Office of Cyber Security and Critical Infrastructure have teamed up with utilities and makers of distributed control system software to offer advice on how to make system security a major part of the critical infrastructure.

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SecureSystems Insider probes the latest system advances designed to safely control and secure your critical SCADA control systems. Monthly E-newsletters focus on the latest developments in securing process control systems from intrusion and mischief.

Featured White Papers

The 10 Truths of Safety Instrumented Systems - Truths 6 & 7
Sponsored by Invensys Triconex
WIs your SIS architecture forcing you to choose between separation and integration, or is it able to provide both? Truth 6 says you don't have to choose between SIS separation and Basic Process Control System (BPCS) integration; you can have both. And, as we learn from Truth 7, Dual SIS Technologies do not cost less than TMR; they almost always cost more.

A Practical Approach to Alarm Management, Part One: Crawling Your Way into Alarm Management
Sponsored by TiPS, Incorporated
Alarm management and rationalization of alarms is not complex. It requires no proprietary algorithms or special education. It is structured application of basic operations skills. The reason alarms have become a problem is because we never stopped to ask, "Why?" Why do we need to add this alarm? Why here? Why set this way? Why don't you react to this alarm? Why is it so active? Why does it stay on for two days? Why do we need so many alarms in the configuration? Is there a shortcoming or problem somewhere else creating the need for this alarm?

Video: Know where you are vulnerable
In this online video presentation, industrial security expert Rick Kaun explains the importance of industrial security, and how plants can ensure that all security threats, especially those most commonly overlooked, are addressed.

Applying NIST SP 800-53 to industrial control systems

Process control system security technical risk assessment

Top Five control system security downloads

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Security Products

Firewall provides security protection for controllers

Automation/control unit offers cyber security

Industry Events

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Yokogawa Tech Fair & Users Conference
Nov. 29 - Dec. 1, Houston, TX

Invensys Process Systems 2006 Customer Conference
Dec. 4-7, Dallas, TX

SCADA Security Scientific Symposium 2007
January 24-25, 2007, Miami Beach, FL

PCSF 2007 Annual Meeting
March 6-8, 2007, Atlanta, GA

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