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October 17, 2006

Issue Highlights
- Security in OPC and the process industry
- How to secure your plant-floor networks
- Defense strategies for securing SCADA control systems

OPC security — better safe than sorry
OPC specialist Eric Murphy presents important aspects to consider when addressing security in OPC and the process industries, including how end users are beginning to use a combination of IT network security practices, proper OPC architecture and OPC products that incorporate security features in order to successfully create robust systems.

How to secure your plant-floor network
There's no such thing as a 100% secure control system, but learning and understanding the risks associated with security standards, and how to mitigate them are a start. Rich Clark, information security analyst at Wonderware, offers this to-do list to help users secure their plant-floor networks.

Defense strategies for securing SCADA control systems
This paper takes a look at the fundamental issues and current practices of securing SCADA and control systems in industrial process plants. It introduces the concept of security zones of vulnerabilities and discusses several new and unique cyber defense solutions that can be deployed at each security zone.

Wireless Sensor Network 2006 Management Survey
Let us know what type of wireless data monitoring networks and sensor points you currently deploy, and what led you to choose a wireless network rather than a traditional network in our survey of transport protocols for wireless sensor networks (WSNs).

Security News

Highlights from the Emerson Global Users Exchange
Headlines from the three-day event include a presentation on the ControlWave SCADA system, recently acquired by Emerson, which includes some new features such as video security over SCADA and the ability to integrate security with numerous other SCADA devices.

SCADA security lacking in controlling critical infrastructure

PSUG meeting to be held prior to Automation Fair

Security Products

Switches feature optional security frame

Wireless LAN modules support security standard

Programming software includes security functionality

Industry Events

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ISA Expo 2006
October 17-19, Houston, TX

October 21-25, Dallas, TX

Automation Fair
October 25-26, Baltimore, MD

Yokogawa Tech Fair & User Conference
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, Houston, TX

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