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September 19, 2006

Issue Highlights
- How to improve your network security
- Guidelines for industrial Ethernet security
- Honeywell unveils secure wireless plan

Fence me in: Common-sense security practices
Though cyber attacks are increasingly easy to launch, there are many practical methods for protecting industrial networks. Yes, there are no magic bullets or miracle cures here. Just the long, slow, unglamorous chipping away that common-sense vigilance always seems to demand. The Fall Issue of Industrial Networking magazine discusses ways process control engineers can protect against potentially destructive attacks on vulnerable networks.

Guidelines for industrial Ethernet security
This white paper explores the variety of network security options now available at the Ethernet switch level to protect against cyber invasion, including password protection, encryption, access authorization and firewalls.

The only evil
There are two kinds of network security. Real and imagined, and it can be hard to tell them apart, especially if you don't know how they work and the problems they're supposed to solve. CONTROL Executive Editor Jim Montague suggests we take a common-sense security approach when trying to help remedy this situation.

Stirring up the security standards stewpot
To help their clients, members, and constituents, many government departments and trade associations have been simultaneously developing guidance and standards for improving network security. Here's a list and links to those that are making an impact.

Suppliers are from Mars, System Integrators are from Venus
In this exclusive audiocast for the Process Automation Radio Network, National Instruments' Jack Barber talks about the relationship between suppliers and system integrators with CONTROL Editor in Chief Walt Boyes. They discuss the development and progress of NI's Alliance Partner Program, what it means for suppliers to work with system integrators, and how both can benefit from the relationship.

The HART Communication Foundation User Group Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 16, from 1-4 pm in the Reliant Center Room 500, in conjunction with ISA Expo 2006. This is the second meeting of the User Group, which was founded last year to bring more end users into the HCF activity. If you are an end user and you are a HART user, this meeting is for you! More information is available at, or from

Security News

Automation Federation joins security certification initiative

Honeywell unveils secure wireless plan

Industry Events

Get information on all these events here

Iconics Worldwide Customer Summit
September 25-27, Boston, MA

Process Control and SCADA Security Summit
September 28-30, Las Vegas, NV

Emerson Global Users Exchange
October 2-6, Nashville, TN

ISA Expo 2006
October 17-19, Houston, TX

October 21-25, Dallas, TX

Automation Fair
October 25-26, Baltimore, MD

Yokogawa Tech Fair & User Conference
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, Houston, TX

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