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June 20, 2006

Issue Highlights
- Industrial control systems pose noticeable security threat
- Strategies for securing SCADA control systems
- PCSF working group moves to detect control system attacks

Industrial SCADA systems on thin ice
Control systems security is one of six areas of critical vulnerabilities included in a new cyber security checklist released by the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit, an independent research group funded by the Homeland Security Department. Experts from the group warn that SCADA and industrial process control systems that act as the nervous system for all critical infrastructures are insecure and pose disastrous risks to both industry and national security.

Strategies for securing SCADA control systems
This paper takes a look at the fundamental issues and current practices of securing SCADA and control systems in industrial process plants. It introduces the concept of security zones of vulnerabilities and discusses several new and unique cyber defense solutions that can be deployed at each security zone.

Interference and security considerations for industrial wireless
From traditional narrow-band to more complex spread-spectrum technologies, a variety of RF communication techniques are available for deployment in industrial environments. Presented and evaluated here, in terms of their relative security and integrity performance, are the most common narrow-band and spread-spectrum alternatives.

Featured White Paper

IEC 61508 and Functional Safety System Selection
Sponsored by MTL Inc.
Establishing the suitability of a certified safety-related system to carry out a particular safety function can be simplified in to three basic tests: Is the system architecture suitable? Is the probability of a dangerous failure low enough? And can the system respond sufficiently quickly? This paper provides an introduction to IEC 61508 and describes an illustrative application example using the MOST SafetyNet System.

Honeywell unveils secure industrial wireless roadmap

PCSF working group moves to detect control system attacks

Checklist outlines new industrial security threats


Security application for SCADA networks

Real-time control systems security suite

Wireless interconnectivity ensures high level of security


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