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April 18, 2006

Issue Highlights
- Protecting the plant: Manufacturing IT best practices
- Utility hack led to security overhaul at water plant
- Honeywell develops layered security and safety system

Manufacturing IT best practices
This presentation provides a holistic view of both the problems and potential solutions using manufacturing industry best practices and emerging standards to secure networks, data, systems, infrastructure and applications.

Securing process control network external communications
In the real world, sharing PCN data with external systems and accessing PCN systems from external sources is fast becoming a manufacturing necessity. This paper provides some generic guidelines for enabling secure connectivity between PCNs and external systems.

Utility hack led to security overhaul
After waging a three-month war against the SCADA system of a water plant, which saw millions of litres of sewage spill into waterways, hotel grounds and canals, a hacker was caught only after a team of private investigators alerted police to his location.

NIST developing SCADA security guide; seeks feedback
ANIST is seeking subject matter experts (SMEs) to actively review and provide feedback on the content and organization of the "Guide to Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) and Industrial Control System Security," scheduled for public release in June 2006.

Illusions of freedom and security
As our society moves towards a more regulated work environment, choosing between the cubicle life or being self-employed has become more difficult. CONTROL contributor, Dick Morley, provides informal tips.

Honeywell develops layered security and safety system
Honeywell's integrated security system is linked to the Geismar, LA, plant's waterway and dock monitoring radar system on the Mississippi River.

Process control network security — Reference architecture
This document describes best practices for the reference architecture for a process control system network and its interfaces to a corporate network. The paper's objective is to give the reader an understanding of the techniques utilized to securely connect these networks.

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