March 21, 2006

Issue Highlights
Are your security practices up to IT standards?
Routers and switches get serious about security
Keep data out of the hands of the bad guys

Are your security practices up to IT standards?
Joe Weiss and Jay Abshier, world class information security consultants for process automation, write about the battle between the world of IT and Plant Operations. So, who’s right in the fight for control system security?

Routers and switches get serious about security
With Ethernet on its way to becoming a dominant industrial network, new switches and routers are being developed with not only a traditional focus on environmental hardening, but also security-enablement.

Would you want your kid to do this job?
Surveys show that, despite a shortage of young engineering professionals, most don't want their kids to grow up to work in the automation industry, but what is automation but applied information science?

Tunneling process data securely through firewalls
This paper presents a new technology that increases the security of data and the overall usability of the solution. It facilitates integration between and with production systems while preventing cyber attacks and unauthorized users from gaining access to critical process control data and the systems that control production.

Keep data out of the hands of the bad guys
A report prepared earlier this year by the Environmental Protection Agency in the U.S. identified serious lapses in water utility security. The report specifically focused on the design of computer-based security remote controls with little attention paid to security, leaving valves, pumps and chemical mixers vulnerable to cyber attack.

Enterprise transaction modules provide data accuracy, security
The module's operating system is virtually immune to security problems and virus attacks and provides data accuracy and timeliness.

Reference literature available for download
Visit our E-Literature Resource Center to find and download information on key products, services, how-to and application guides from the supplier community. Among the reference tools featured this month:
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