February 21, 2006

Issue Highlights
The do's and don't of securing data
IT security in industrial plants
Wireless security on the plant floor
Tips for securing your processing plant
A four-step approach to securing technology

The do's and don't of securing data
So what should you be doing to secure critical data at your plant? Well there are a number of steps to consider. The following is a guideline designed to protect company information and help keep your industrial systems secure.

Common control system vulnerabilities
This report describes the generalized trends in vulnerabilities observed from control and automation IT systems used in critical infrastructures, as well as typical reasons for these security issues and an introduction to an effective mitigation strategy.

IT security in industrial plants
This article serves as a tutorial on IT security for industrial systems. Security objectives are explained, attack types are illustrated, and available and suggested countermeasures and general good practices are described.

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Wireless security on the plant floor
Most papers written on wireless security address corporate LAN access. This paper discusses both corporate and industrial wireless concerns but places an emphasis on the industrial automation wireless security aspects.


An Interview with Elpro Technologies' Graham Moss
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes discusses the state of wireless in the industrial environment with Elpro Technologies' general manager, Graham Moss, who had some interesting opinions about SP100, Wireless HART, the usefulness of mesh networking in process plants, and why he believes it won't work.

Tips for securing your processing plant
Concern today for the security and safety of the food supply pervades the entire food distribution system. Whether initiated by tampering cranks or terrorists, attacks on the food, water or drug supplies are among the most frightening incidents imaginable to Americans. This article addresses the threat of an organized attack on control system networks and offers tips for securing your plant.

Department of Justice asks industry for input on security
How is cybercrime affecting your business? That's what the Department of Justice wants to know in a national survey it's conducting to measure the impact of cybercrime on U.S. companies.

U.S. makes securing SCADA systems a priority
Wary of the increasing number of online attacks against industrial control systems, the U.S. government has begun a major push to secure the systems used to control and monitor critical infrastructure, such as power, utility and transportation networks.

A four-step approach to securing your technology
There is no silver bullet for protecting the pharmaceutical supply chain, but in this article, Susanne Hasselman, director of Axess Technologies, outlines a four-step strategy to improve brand protection.

SCADA Security Blog
News and opinion on best practices, future trends, security standards, vendor offerings, and all other issues related to SCADA security.

Process Control Security Requirements Forum
This site is a resource for users, vendors, and third parties in the process control industries who are concerned about security in an increasingly networked world.

SCADA security training courses
This site offers training courses to SCADA system managers, administrators and analysts who manage their company's SCADA security programs.

Sandia Center for SCADA Security
Sandia provides SCADA education, research and training for industry, government, and academia working on securing our nation's critical infrastructure control systems.

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