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January 17, 2006
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Issue Highlights
• A practical approach to plant protection
• Know where you are vulnerable
• Who's working at your plant?
• Securing an integrated SCADA system
• 7 things you can do to protect plant security

A practical approach to plant protection
Just thinking about the possible threats out there today can give you sleepless nights, but take heart — yours is not the only plant struggling with a new security reality. Here's a calm look at principles, approaches and practical tools you can use to increase the security of your facility.

A word about cyber security
A determined hacker can wreak havoc with your plant or steal your secrets without blinking an eye. So if you are in charge of security at your plant, don't leave it to the folks in the IT Department to protect your control systems. Read why.

Know where you are vulnerable
In this online video presentation (.wmv, 4.77 MB), industrial security expert, Rick Kaun, explains the importance of industrial security, and how plants can ensure that all security threats, especially those most commonly overlooked, are addressed.

Who's working at your plant?
The backgrounds of intruders may be a mystery, but the backgrounds of people regularly on your site shouldn't be. How carefully does your company check the references of people at your plant?

Securing an integrated SCADA system
This White Paper discusses some of the options available to companies concerned with the threat of cyber attack and unauthorized network access to SCADA systems that monitor and control critical infrastructure.

7 things you can do to protect plant security
By being aware of the red flags, process plant personnel can enhance the potential for preventing security breaches in their industrial control systems.

Safety is no accident
Plant safety and security has never been more important given the current political climate. Here are some web resources for a coordinated, plant-wide response to madness and mayhem.

A disaster safety checklist
There is no one-size-fits-all solution for business resumption following a negative event. However, the American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) offers this safety and security checklist to assist you before, during and after a disaster.

SCADA Security Blog
News and opinion on best practices, future trends, security standards, vendor offerings, and all other issues related to SCADA security.

Process Control Security Requirements Forum
This site is a resource for users, vendors, and third parties in the process control industries who are concerned about security in an increasingly networked world.

SCADA security training courses
This site offers training courses to SCADA system managers, administrators and analysts who manage their company's SCADA security programs.

Sandia Center for SCADA Security
Sandia provides SCADA education, research and training for industry, government, and academia working on securing our nation's critical infrastructure control systems.


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