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July 19, 2005—In This Issue

Special to the Web
• Protocol for SCADA field communications

Security Topics
• Hacking the grid: control systems under attack
• Why power plants need anti-virus
• Government voices SCADA e-crime fears
• Help CONTROL and ARC survey vendor websites

Security in the News
• U.S. Feds target control systems hackers
• Famous hacker magazine shuts down

Security Products
• Satellite DAQ monitors sites via the Internet
• Network monitoring and control device guards against intrusion

Online Resources
• SCADA Security Blog
• Process Control Security Requirements Forum

Upcoming Events
• 2005 Yokogawa Conference & Exhibition
• SCADA security training course

Special to the Web

Protocol for SCADA field communications contributor Dale Peterson offers news and opinion on best practices, future trends, security standards, and all other issues related to SCADA security, including this review of the AGA 12 standard, a serial link encryption and authentication protocol for SCADA field communications.

Security Topics

Hacking the grid: control systems under attack
Security experts warn it wouldn't be hard for a cyberpunk or terrorist to hack into a major Power-Gen monitoring and control SCADA system and wreak havoc on a good portion of the U.S. (First of three parts.)

Why power plants need anti-virus
Utility companies are being urged to review cyber security risks as the industry moves over from proprietary technologies to cheaper Windows-based systems. Industrial cyber security officials are warning power and water companies that the control systems of utilities are becoming open to the kinds of attacks that bedevil corporate systems, such as computer worms and DDoS attacks.

Government voices SCADA e-crime fears
The federal government has pinpointed SCADA systems in critical infrastructures as a major area of cyber-security concern in its efforts to counter terrorism and industrial sabotage. Find out which industrial complex is at "high risk" in terms of likely security breaches.

Help CONTROL and ARC survey vendor websites
How well do the automation suppliers represent themselves on the Internet? Is it easy for you to find the information you are looking for, or do you get lost after the first 20 clicks? This is your chance to rate the suppliers on their web site content, ease of use, and ability to address your specific vertical industry needs. All respondents to the survey will receive a free copy of the consolidated results.

Security in the News

U.S. Feds target control systems hackers
The Department of Homeland Security will invest millions to protect the power grid and other infrastructure control systems against hacker attacks.

Famous hacker magazine shuts down
Phrack, the infamous online magazine published by underground hackers, is shutting down at the end of this month, which should be good news for operators of monitoring and control systems everywhere.

Security Products


Satellite DAQ monitors sites via the Internet


Network monitoring and control device guards against intrusion

Online Resources

SCADA Security Blog
News and opinion on best practices, future trends, security standards, vendor offerings, and all other issues related to SCADA security.

Process Control Security Requirements Forum
This site is a resource for users, vendors, and third parties in the process control industry who are concerned about information security in an increasingly networked world.

Upcoming Events

2005 Yokogawa Conference & Exhibition
If you own, operate or integrate Yokogawa industrial automation equipment, or plan to in the future, don't miss this conference to be held Aug. 29—Sept. 1, 2005 at the Capital Hilton in Washington, D.C.

SCADA security training course
This web site offers a list of upcoming training courses to SCADA system managers, administrators and analysts in a position to manage their company's SCADA cyber security programs.

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