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April 19, 2005 - In This Issue

Special to the Web
    • Patching SCADA systems?

Secure Systems Features
    • Security could put process control under IT
    • How to meet the SCADA security challenge
    • Hackers target U.S. power grid
    • Critical threats

Security News
    • Researchers to tackle SCADA security
    • New book published on antivirus research for security
    • Moat and castle still top security strategy

Security White Papers
    • Layered security in plant control environments
    • Managing process control security risks

New Products
    • Wireless system monitors plants
    • Surge protection meets IEC 61312

Online Resources
    • SCADA Security Blog
    • SCADA security training courses
    • Sandia Center for SCADA Security
    • Sound Off on

Upcoming Events
    • Process Control Systems Forum
    • KEMA's 5th Cyber Security Conference

Special to the Web

Patching SCADA systems?
Since the SCADA community is forced to live with unpatched systems with many known vulnerabilities, compensating security controls are required, according to this "special to the web" article by Dale Peterson.

Secure Systems Features

Security could put process control under IT
With new technology and strategies being developed to protect industrial systems from current and future threats, process control needs to figure out where it's going, according to IA Insider's Andrew Bond.

How to meet the SCADA security challenge
This article examines the state of security related to process control systems and what can be done to secure them.

Hackers target U.S. power grid
Government quietly warns utilities to beef up their computer security over heightened concerns that electric companies have failed to adequately fortify defenses against a potential catastrophic strike.

Critical threats
Few, if any, of the industrial control systems used today were designed with cybersecurity in mind. Meanwhile, Australia's critical information infrastructure has never been more vulnerable.

Security News

Researchers to tackle SCADA security
A consortium of cybersecurity institutions has launched an $8.5 million research initiative to help secure supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems used in critical infrastructure sectors.

New book published on antivirus research for security
Symantec Press publishes The Art of Computer Virus Research and Defense, a behind-the-scenes look at how antivirus research is conducted to develop security.

Moat and castle still top security strategy
Results highlight the need for large enterprises to improve their approach to managing security by covering all parts of their network, not just the perimeter.

Security White Papers

Layered security in plant control environments
Process control vendors are migrating plant control technologies to more open network and operating environments. This White Paper explains how layered security can be accomplished by adopting a "best practices" model, developing and implementing an access control plan, and compartmentalizing the network.

Managing process control security risks
This "special to the web" White Paper outlines the increasing vulnerability from cyber attack of industrial process control and automation systems, and the reasons why standard IT security measures are insufficient to meet the challenge.

Read more White Papers on Process Control Security»

New Products


Wireless system monitors plants
»  Surge protection meets IEC 61312

Online Resources

SCADA Security Blog
News and opinion on best practices, future trends, security standards, vendor offerings, and all other issues related to SCADA security.

SCADA security training courses
This web site offers training courses to SCADA system managers, administrators and analysts in a position to manage their company’s SCADA cyber security programs.

Sandia Center for SCADA Security
Sandia is a leader in providing SCADA education, research and training for industry, government, and academia working on securing our nation's critical infrastructure control systems.

Sound Off on
Editor in Chief Walt Boyes’ Blog on all things control.

Upcoming Events

Process Control Systems Forum
The Process Control Systems Forum (PCSF) will be held May 17-18 in Dallas. The forum will provide cross-industry, cross-functional discussions in the development of safer technology for process control system security.

KEMA's 5th Cyber Security Conference
Technology Solutions for Security of SCADA and Process Control Systems will focus on the latest advancements in security standards and technology: August 22-24, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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