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July 13, 2010

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New On Skill TV

 Certification for career advancement

  Anticipating failures

 Establishing pride in maintenance

Certification for career advancement
Laurence Gration from the Association for Facilities Engineering explains how knowledge sharing and certification are improving the industry.
Anticipating failures Augie Schumacher, reliability engineer from Infralogix, illustrates the importance of implementing predictive technologies. Establishing pride in maintenance
Ralph "Pete" Peters, founder of the Maintenance Excellence Institute, is working to restore the dignity and pride of the maintenance professional.

Crisis Corner

Ensure long-term sustainable success, not just short-term gains
Joel Leonard, contributing editor, travels the world in an effort to resolve the maintenance crisis.

To avoid future accidents, loss of life, congressional hearings, more criminal investigations and more regulatory oversight, let's acquire new sensors to alert us of challenges, let's install automation dashboards and control systems to monitor, manage and optimize our activities, and let's build more pipelines of new workers so more disasters don't occur. Also, let's upgrade our existing workforce's decision-making skills and install process systems to ensure long-term sustainable success not just short-term gains.

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Ensure long-term sustainable success, not just short-term gains

From the Field

Practical labor rates
Tom Moriarty, P.E., CMRP, contributing editor, says they exceed base pay rates and, therefore, should be controlled.

How much do you pay for an hour of actual maintenance work? The craftsman might say $20/hr. The plant manager might offer a $50/hr loaded labor rate to account for benefits, taxes, administrative costs and so forth. Communicating the relationship between loaded rates, wrench time and practical labor rates can change how executives and finance people view the maintenance organization. 

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Let's open a can-do of maintenance excellence 
Joel Leonard, contributing editor, is taking it to the bayous.

Wow! I wish that you could have joined me in my travels during the past several weeks. Accompanied by continual reminders on the news channels of the modern-day engineering challenges stumping the United States and BP, major developments are happening worldwide regarding the maintenance crisis. Businesses, associations and whole countries are working hard to address the causes and mitigate the effects of inadequate skills.

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Let's open a can-do of maintenance excellence

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Featured Book 

Introduction to Thermography Principles

Introduction to Thermography Principles provides an overview of the latest information on the safe, efficient and practical use of thermal imagers. This full-color textbook depicts thermal images of electrical, HVAC, plumbing, hydraulic and pneumatic circuits. In addition, the textbook provides information on thermography analysis, reporting, documentation, return on investment resources and related technologies. Use promotion code PS2010 to receive special savings.

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Featured Multimedia 

Fluid Power Systems - Hydraulic Pumps
Fluid Power Systems is a new text/workbook that presents an introduction to the design, application, and maintenance of hydraulic and pneumatic systems. It features large, full-color illustrations detailing systems, components, and devices specific to industrial and commercial applications. FluidSIM(r) 4.2 Student Version simulation software is included with the text/workbook. This software provides the learner with an added tool to create, build and troubleshoot hydraulic circuits in the form of specific activities in the text/workbook. 

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Sing along with the Maintenance Crisis song
In this edition of The Buckley Report, Bob Buckley talks with Joel Leonard about raising the awareness of maintenance through a few well-placed words in a song. 

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