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June 17, 2009 | View on the web | Subscribe | Unsubscribe

Issue Highlights
WirelessHART: Simple Reliable Secure
• New WirelessHART Test System
• HART Technology Keeps Gas Flowing to UK
• Plant of the Year Award — Deadline Extended

WirelessHART: Simple, Reliable, Secure.
WirelessHART technology is a complementary enhancement to the HART Protocol, providing an additional capability that can benefit both existing and new monitoring and control applications. Wired or wireless, HART technology provides the tools and the flexibility you need to better manage your field measurement assets.

Wireless Test System Proves Interoperability of Devices
Ensuring interoperability of both wired and wireless HART-enabled devices from multiple manufacturers lets users buy with confidence that registered products will work with devices and systems already in their plants.

NAMUR Conducting Field Test of WirelessHART
Multiple manufacturers’ devices are being tested at the BASF facility in Ludwigshafen, Germany, as the first step in evaluating wireless sensor networks and technologies for alignment with NAMUR Requirements for Wireless Automation (NE124).

HART Keeps Ormen Lange Gas Flowing
A communications-rich condition-monitoring and control environment in its widely distributed Ormen Lange facility lets StatOil Hydro use remote diagnostics to increase safety, improve efficiency and eliminate problems through root cause identification and elimination.

Seminars Tell How to Improve Operations With WirelessHART
Industry specialists from the HART Communication Foundation and several member companies have joined forces to present seminars for HART users on how to lower operating costs, reduce downtime and move to a predictive maintenance strategy using WirelessHART technology. The next seminar is Aug. 5 in Philadelphia.

It’s Not Too Late to Nominate
The HART Communication Foundation has extended the deadline for nominations for the 2009 HART Plant of the Year Award. This international award to an end user facility recognizes innovation, not size, and remains open to nominations from end users, their partners and their suppliers anywhere in the world.

A HART Loop Converter acts as a bridge between the digital and analog world by converting digital information into 4-20mA analog signals — making it easy to integrate into a non-HART enabled control system. A HART Loop Converter can also be a transmitter power supply and HART monitor. It uses the HART Protocol to communicate with the field device connected to it, and transfers its digital values into analog 4-20mA signals. Up to three HART signals can be monitored at the same time and are provided as independent analog signals.

HART Connection
HART Products Information Online!
View a complete listing and information on hundreds of HART products, searchable by product type and manufacturer. Download Device Descriptions. Find Product Registration information. A comprehensive reference for instrument and controls engineers, technicians and buyers. Click the link above!

HART Communication Foundation Calendar of Events

HART Technology Workshops

HART Fundamentals
Sept. 21-24, Austin, Texas
Nov. 9-12, Düsseldorf, Germany

Writing Enhanced Device Descriptions
Aug. 10-13, Austin, Texas
Oct. 12-15, Düsseldorf, Germany
Nov. 30 - Dec. 3, Austin, Texas

More Training Opportunities

HART Seminars

Using WirelessHART in Process Industries
Aug. 5, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Watch for future dates and locations

Trade Shows

ARF Forum Asia
July 15, Tokyo, Japan
ISA Expo
Oct. 6-8, Houston, Texas
Oct. 20-23, Shanghai, China

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