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October 3, 2006

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Issue Highlights
- Wean process off the redundancy pacifier
- Fieldbus in biopharma, Part 2
- SP50 times two?

Wean process off the redundancy pacifier
With Foundation fieldbus, the old redundancy paradigm no longer applies. If redundancy is free, why not apply it everywhere? Chances are, though, it isn’t free. So where should we apply it to achieve the fault tolerance we need? Pioneering Foundation fieldbus user and CONTROL contributing editor, John Rezabek, provides analysis and commentary.

Fieldbus in biopharma, Part 2
Part two of this two-part article on fieldbus in biopharma applications highlights issues associated with the installation of a multiple-fieldbus control system at a pharma processing facility. The article offers criteria used for assessing the viability of fieldbuses, and talks about its implications for handling an entire manufacturing suite.

NeSSI locks on taming the communications monster
Despite recent fieldbus-related growing pains, the new sampling/sensor initiative (NeSSI) is moving steadily to fulfill its initially promised efficiencies and savings to eventually deliver micro-analytic capabilities. Besides including EDDL communications in its specification, including Fieldbus foundation and Profibus, NeSSI’s developers also plan to interact with OPC and wireless technologies. Read how.

SP50 times two?
CONTROL Editor Walt Boyes says we need to do more than pay lip service to the idea of user input when it comes to ISA’s SP100 Wireless Standard and proposes formation of a central, unbiased user group.

White Paper: The evolution of PC bus technologies

Honeywell's wireless considered at 2006 User Group conference

PSUG meeting to be held prior to Automation Fair 2006

Trade-in program for the MFC & MFT HART communicators

The HART Communication Foundation User Group Meeting is scheduled for Monday, October 16, from 1-4 pm in the Reliant Center Room 500, in conjunction with ISA Expo 2006. This is the second meeting of the User Group, which was founded last year to bring more end users into the HCF activity. If you are an end user and you are a HART user, this meeting is for you! More information is available at, or from

New Products

Modules help commision, evaluate fieldbus networks

Measurement resource includes communication buses

Industry Events

Get information on all these events here

ISA Expo 2006
October 17-19, Houston, TX

October 21-25, Dallas, TX

Automation Fair
October 25-26, Baltimore, MD

Yokogawa Tech Fair & User Conference
Nov. 29-Dec. 1, Houston, TX

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