January 20, 2011

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The XA Nozzle System from BETE Fog Nozzle, Inc. produces a no-drip or high-speed spray shut-off

Bete's low flow, air atomizing XA series nozzles provide very low flow rates. They are available in eight different spray patterns and numerous flow rates. The XA nozzles can be supplied with a number of hardware options to allow cleanout, shutoff of both. Hardware options are available in manual and pneumatic versions.

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IHS Label Print Interface (LPI) offers regulatory integrity for GHS, REACH and CLP Labels

LPI is a unique solution for printing labels for raw materials, intermediates and finished goods. It is focused on the business needs of the global petro-chemicals industry. For manufacturers and distributors in the chemical industry, LPI provides a much needed practical alternative to generic labeling solutions. It eliminates technical complexity and support required to print labels with accurate regulatory and product information.

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ATL-5000 automates tube bundle cleaning

The ATL-5000, a new, automated water jet system from NLB Corp., cleans tube bundles 3 times faster than manual methods.  High-pressure water (up to 20,000 psi, or 1,400 bar) from rigid lances clears five tubes at once of hardened debris.  The system is self-contained, with all movements controlled from a climate-controlled operator station.

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Polycarbonate-Encased Bulk Bag Unloader Can Cut Process-Area Contamination

National Bulk Equipment's new bulk bag unloader system is designed for use in highly contaminant-sensitive process areas handling bulk materials known to generate combustible dusts. A 9.525mm, polycarbonate encasement surrounds the bulk bag unloader to prevent migrant dusts that piggyback on the exterior of bulk bags from becoming airborne and entering the work zone during bag conditioning and bag collapse.

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New Needle Valves Feature An Integrated Stem And PTFE Seat

Hayward Flow Control's new NVA Series Needle Valves replace the old-style NV Series. The NVA Series features an integrated stem/PTFE seat for improved control and performance. Also incorporated in the new design are flanges for mounting panels. Sizes range from ¼" (DN8) to ½" (DN10). Available materials include PVC and GFPP with FPM seals.

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Reference Recorder Displays Differential Pressure To 0.025% Accuracy

Crystal Engineering has added a free quarterly update to its nVision Reference Recorder. This update enables the intrinsically safe, handheld field calibrator to graph and record average and differential pressure data.

The nVision can now display, record and graph differential pressure to an accuracy of 0.025% of the differential reading up to 300 psi static, 0.05% up to 3,000 psi static and 0.1% up to 10,000 psi static pressure. The nVision can also record 500,000 data points from each of its two modular sensors, simultaneously. It takes these measurements as frequently as every 0.1 second, without any change in accuracy between -20°C and 50°C.

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