February 10, 2011

This Issue Sponsored By Pick Heaters Inc.
Pick HeatersEnergy Efficiency of Direct Steam Injection
In Direct Steam Injection, steam is instantly blended into the process fluid, resulting in 100% heat transfer with full use of both the latent and sensible heat. There is no condensate to trap and recover.  A Pick Representative can show you how a Pick Heater can reduce not only your energy bills, but your total operating costs.

Issue Highlights
Don't Neglect Energy Auditing
Not properly monitoring compressed air and steam systems is foolish and can be costly.

Optimize Your Steam System, Part I
A simple four-step approach can improve steam efficiency.

Chemical Makers Plug Better Energy Efficiency
Firms are striving to achieve increasingly ambitious goals.

Know the Basics of Energy Management
Make energy management maintenance a routine part of your day.

Ask The Experts: Steam and Thermal Systems Steam serves as a ubiquitous utility at most plants. Be sure your systems are as efficient as they can be.

Events Calendar
Condition Monitoring
Feb.17 | Online Event at 2pm ET

March 29-31 | New York

Asset Management
April 21 | Online Event at 2pm ET

On-Demand Event
Energy Efficiency 2011
Watch this on-demand event to gain practical strategies for improving energy efficiency at your chemical manufacturing plant. View now.

Resource CenterUtilities & Energy Resource
Gain access to all the articles, news and white papers that will help your facility stay energy efficient. Visit the resource center now.

New Product Focus:Utilities & Energy
Products aimed at helping you create an energy-efficient facility are just a click away. Go there now.

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