July 9, 2012

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Issue Highlights

Inappropriate Coating Leads to Tank Trouble
Switching to a fluoropolymer lining provides long-term solution.

Preventive Maintenance Matters
Our resources can help you avoid future problems.

Rust Isn't Sleeping But Many Plants Are
Lack of expertise and effective corrosion-monitoring programs afflicts sites.

Ask The Experts: Reliability & Asset Management

Events Calendar
Asset Management- Getting the Most Out of Your Assets
Available To View Now

Automated Tank Cleaning: Myth or Fact?
July 11 | 2 PM ET

Dust Control- How to Identify & Manage Explosion Hazards
July 19 | 2PM ET

Human Error Prevention Seminar
September 18 - 19 | Memphis

Keeping a plant operating economically means making the most of rotating equipment and other hardware by having a good maintenance program. Knowing what to monitor and how is crucial. So, too, is understanding what failing equipment says about its suitability and how the process is running. Visit our Reliability & Asset Management resource center.

New Product Focus: In the market for products? Visit our product resource center. You will be able to choose products by category or venor. Check it out.


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