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OCTOBER 26, 2011


Firestone Predicts Future of Energy Savings
You know by now that steam conservation offers one of the most profitable opportunities to reduce plant energy consumption. But what if your process includes a set of fussy hexane purification columns? How are you going to get those distillation columns to use less steam without compromising quality or production rates? At Firestone Polymers’ Orange, Texas, facility, Production Superintendent Nikky Brown drew on the expertise of James Beall, Emerson principal process control expert, and the advanced process control intelligence embedded in DeltaV Predict model predictive control.
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Fisher ControlOvercome Control Valve Cavitation
Cavitation with entrained particulates creates a challenging, severe condition for a control valve. Fisher cavitation control technologies allow entrained particulate to pass, while resisting cavitation damage in severe liquid flow conditions. Learn more.

Emerson, Beamex Team Up On Calibration at GSK Cork
Calibrating one device isn’t so hard. Doing a few hundred or a few thousand is tougher. But calibrating all of them in a large pharmaceutical plant governed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s CFR 21 Part 11 regulations is a whole different ballgame of required validations and certifications. To give their pharmaceutical end users some much-needed assistance, Emerson Process Management and Beamex recently developed an innovative method for linking Emerson’s Asset Management Suite (AMS) Device Manager (DM) software with Beamex’s MC5 portable calibrators and CMX software. » Read more