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TODAY’S HEADLINES – September 29, 2010

Advanced Control Gives Goodyear a One–Two Bounce
It takes plenty of raw materials and energy to make rubber for tires. And managing all those feedstocks and handling all that energy can make for quite a juggling act.

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Emerson’s John Berra Says Farewell
Tomorrow marks the end of an era at Emerson Process Management as John Berra, chairman and long–time leader, retires after 41 years in the process automation industry. Tomorrow also marks the date Emerson has chosen to retire the Rosemount 1151 pressure transmitter. » Read more

Tools for the Safety Lifecycle
You can’t have safety in a vacuum, and you can’t have an effective safety instrumented system (SIS) in one either. Such was the theme of Mike Boudreaux’s DeltaV SIS Roadmap session this week at the 2010 Emerson Global Users Exchange in San Antonio, Texas.
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Smarter Firewall to Ease Set–up, Maintenance
Investigation is better than inertia. So while a wall that just sits there offers some protection, a barrier that also examines and evaluates potential problems is even better.
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"DeltaV Connect" Eases Control System Migration
People choose to migrate their control systems for many different reasons. And for Catalyst Paper’s Steward McLeod, the reasons were several.

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Fisher Showcases Latest in Sanitary Control Valve Designs
Process control valves may not look like finely tailored suits, but the right one can fit a user’s needs and application better than the sharpest Giorgio Armani.
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