September 29, 2008

Headlines from Today’s Activities
- BP Deployment Headlines Real World Wireless Applications
- Chairman Berra Passes Torch to Sonnenberg
- The Importance of Asset Optimization in Space
- DeltaV: Delivering on Promises, Looking to the Future
- Got a Good Idea? Learn How to Sell It
- Papermaker Makes 'Lean Six Sigma' Work

BP Deployment Headlines Real World Wireless Applications
In a press conference held today at 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange, BP and six other end users of Emerson Process Management’s Smart Wireless technology described the real-world benefits already being achieved in many different industries around the globe.

Natalia Kroutikova, technology leader, BP Refining Technology, was first up. She described the first ever industrial mesh network installed at BP’s Cherry Point, Wash., refinery. In 2005 and 2006, BP collaborated with Emerson on installing 15 wireless temperature transmitters in the calciner unit. These transmitters monitor bearing temperature on ID and FD Fans, which cost up to $100,000 to repair and can be down for up to 10 days when they fail catastrophically. Other Smart Wireless temperature transmitters are monitoring calciner coke output—to avoid melting the rubber in the conveyor belts.

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“This is wireless on a large scale and it works.” Natalia Kroutikova of BP Refining Technology described the company’s successful use of wireless in a growing number of applications.

Chairman Berra Passes Torch to Sonnenberg
"Since we’re in Washington, D.C., I thought I should start with a state of the union address,” John Berra quipped in his last official address as business leader of Emerson Process Management. Berra, now chairman of Emerson Process Management, addressed the assembly of the 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange, which this week set a new record for registration at more than 2,600—ten times the number who attended the first Exchange in 1998.

“We are stronger than we have ever been before,” Berra said. “This is the last week of our fiscal year, and I can’t reveal the whole-year numbers, but for the first three quarters, our business was up 18% over last year.”

If the numbers stay on track, Berra intimated, Emerson Process Management may have grown revenues by more than a billion dollars this fiscal year. To accommodate this growth, the company has hired over 1,200 salaried and 1,500 hourly employees in the past year. "Since 2002," Berra declared, "we have averaged over 12% of revenue on research and development."

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“I am proud to call myself one of you." John Berra announced that Steve Sonnenberg would take the reins as business leader of Emerson Process Management. Berra will stay on as chairman.

The Importance of Asset Optimization in Space
Dr. Jack Bacon, the United States’ lead system integrator of the Zarya, the jointly built spacecraft that forms the central bridge and adapter between all U.S. and Russian technologies on the International Space Station, spoke on the importance of asset optimization in research projects conducted in space in his keynote address to the 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange.

“Once you get into space, you have to recreate the human condition,” explained Bacon. “In a spacecraft, we start worrying about the problem that we’re using more mass than we have to. You’re sitting inside an aluminum ball. Everything gets miniaturized to fit into the space available, and much of that technology ends up getting commercialized and made available to the public.”

Making all of the necessary materials and components fit into the available space and getting them to their destination orbiting Earth is the delicate balance that must be struck.

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“The rules of physics as they exist on Earth no longer apply.” NASA’s Jack Bacon discussed the unique challenges of doing research in the International Space Station’s zero-gravity environment.

DeltaV: Delivering on Promises, Looking to the Future
The best maps aren’t just descriptions, but instead offer complete pictures that help viewers orient themselves and guide them to where they want to go.

It was exactly this kind of useful picture that was drawn up for the DeltaV process automation system on the opening day of Emerson Process Management’s Global Users Exchange this week in Washington D.C.

Dave Dietz, product marketing director for Emerson process systems and solutions, provided an update on DeltaV developments over the past year, demonstrated the capabilities of its soon-to-be-released Version 10.3 and explained the underlying philosophy that will drive future developments.

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“A step change in value may be achieved if it’s readily recognizable, is easily shared and requires no extra work.” Emerson’s Dave Dietz discussed the driving value proposition underlying future DeltaV development work.

Got a Good Idea? Learn How to Sell It
Having a good idea is just the beginning.

After that flash of inspiration, ideas need development, nurturing, testing—but, most of all, they need advocates and supporters. So, though many innovators may think their work stops after inspiration, most ideas will die without someone to sell them. And that person must also sell them intelligently, both to technical and management colleagues by taking into account their different perspectives

This was the eye-opening message delivered by Dr. John Daly, professor at the University of Texas, in his management presentation, “Building Advocacy and Presenting to Executive Management” on the opening day of Emerson Process Management’s 2008 Global Users Exchange held this week in Washington, D.C.

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“Be able to communicate quickly and succinctly why it must be implemented now.” John Daly of the University of Texas explained why the laws of physics and logic don’t always govern what ideas companies choose to pursue.

Papermaker Makes 'Lean Six Sigma' Work
Bob Crescenzi joined NewPage in Miamisburg, Ohio, as vice president of business excellence in 2006. He shared his company’s adoption and implementation of Lean Six Sigma practices when he spoke in the Management Program at the 2008 Emerson Global Users Exchange. NewPage, a coated paper products manufacturer with around 8,000 employees, has net sales of about $4.7 billion.

“We’re a fully integrated paper mill,” he said. “We go from Mother Nature to finished product. I’m probably the only person in our company who doesn’t know how to make paper, but I don’t need to. I was brought to NewPage to make change. In fact, when I joined our company, there were too many people who knew how to make paper and not enough people tending to customers’ needs.”

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“The belts are in a separate part of the company, so they don’t get pulled into everyday fire fighting.” NewPage’s Bob Crescenzi on his company’s decision to dedicate 1% of its employees to full-time process improvement.

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