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With Version 2.0, PlantPAx Comes Into Its Own

21st Century SCADA for Windsor Water Plant

Managing the World's Oil & Gas Resources

OEMs Explore "Smart Machine" Automation Needs
Of the three D's of bringing an industrial machine to market, companies are finding that Deployment is becoming harder and more expensive faster than Design and Development, said Chris Zei, vice president of Rockwell Automation's global OEM industry group, in his welcoming remarks at this week's Global Machine Builder Forum at Automation Fair in Chicago. Indeed, machine builders are looking to reduce the costs of effectively supporting far-flung machines via open networks. Read more »

Improved Visibility Sheds Light on the Bottom Line
Different manufacturing industries face varying requirements, whether that's complying with federal regulations in pharmaceuticals manufacturing or keeping costs as low as possible in consumer goods. But what they have in common is a growing need for improved visibility from the plant floor on up to corporate management, and all points in between. As far as data itself goes, today's ubiquitous networks are making it easier and easier to collect more and more of it. At the Global Machine Builder Forum this week at Rockwell Automation's Automation Fair, Jeff Reed, vice president of Cisco's Unified Access Business Unit, warned of the "zettaflood" of dataŚnot gigabytes of data, not terabytes, not petabytes, not even exabytes, but zettabytes. Read more »

Productive Operations: Safe at Any Speed
Try to talk to a machine operator about plant safety, and many times he will cringe, knowing that safety will just get in the way of his ability to produce enough widgets in time, at the right cost. Operators will too often hop the safety fence – figuratively and literally – sure that they are smarter than the machine. But as Rockwell Automation has been trying to explain this week at the Automation Fair in Chicago, safety and productivity are no longer mutually exclusive. They go hand in hand, with the safety discussion having much more now to do with increased efficiency and machine uptime. Read more »

Rockwell Automation Fair 2011

November 17, 2011

Save the Date!
With another record-breaking Automation Fair drawing to a close, it's time to mark your calendar for Automation Fair 2012, when the "biggest automation experience on the planet" returns to the City of Brotherly Love. Set aside November 6-7, 2012, and we'll see you in Philadelphia!

Exhibit Hall Videos
Theresa Houck, executive editor of The Journal from Rockwell Automation and Our Partners magazine, visited the Automation Fair exhibit hall this week and created dozens of short video tours about ParnterNetwork exhibitors' newest products. Check out The Journal's YouTube channel to see the ones already posted and subscribe to get updates!