TODAY'S HEADLINES – March 26, 2013

Joe Hogan
CEO Hogan Bullish on ABB Outlook
To fight all the economic, political and technical turmoil battering people, companies, governments and regions, ABB Group and ABB North America's leaders stressed their commitment to serving their customers and increasing organic growth, continuing aggressive investment in R&D and disciplined acquisitions, and maintaining the personal integrity to keep these promises. » Read more

Lean Manufacturing's Unexpected Windfall
"I usually talk about how lean manufacturing makes companies more profitable and gives them a competitive advantage," said Charles Cohon, CEO of Prime Devices Corp., at ABB Automation & Power World. "But today, let's talk about carbon footprint—the amount of electricity you use, the fossil fuel you burn, raw material utilization, water usage, sewer emissions—things like that." » Read more

There's Room for Safety in Lean Manufacturing
When it comes to lean manufacturing, there's a seemingly never-ending stream of phrases to identify the various methodologies—5S, kanbans, value-stream mapping, spaghetti diagrams, kaizen, kaikaku...the list goes on and on. "But we don't see safety in there anywhere," said John McHale, engineering manager for ABB Jokab Safety. "A lot of times, it's an afterthought." » Read more

Baldor Solution Drives Cooling Tower Performance
Roman WajdaNearly a decade ago, Baldor Electric Co. set out to simplify and redesign the ubiquitous right-angle gearboxes widely used in industry to transmit power to cooling tower fans. But a funny thing happened on the way to a new gearbox design, according to Roman Wajda: The gearbox was eliminated altogether in favor of an innovative direct motor drive solution that achieved significant gains in energy efficiency and dramatically improved reliability. » Read more

PLCs Help Optimize Alternative Energy Processes
Terry WatsonEnergy providers are trying to increase the amount of power available at the places where it's needed, with fewer people manning the switches. It's in this capacity that programmable logic controllers (PLCs) are finding increased usage, optimizing the processes that help wind turbines, solar farms and more to produce the most energy with the least amount of resources, explained Terry Watson, account manager at ABB. » Read more

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