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TODAY’S HEADLINES – April 19, 2010

Joe Hogan
Passion Powers ABB to Serve World Needs
Sometimes traditional values and talents from the past are just what you need to survive and prosper in the future. "ABB has a great legacy of accepting new challenges and programs, and it likes attacking projects that are difficult to do to set the pace in industry," said Joe Hogan, ABB Group president and CEO.
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Tim Roxey
The Cyber Security Standards Landscape
Infrastructure stakeholders have a critical need to make sense of, comply with and, more importantly, make beneficial use of today’s current and evolving cyber security standards. Differences in scope, goals, applicability, level of detail and an environment of constant change make this a challenge. » Read more

Peter Terwiesch
Convergence Is Coming!
"The convergence of automation and power creates more value than each separately," began Peter Terwiesch, ABB chief technology officer, at the ABB Automation and Power World press briefing this week in Orlando. "For industry, we create energy efficiency and productivity; for utilities, we make a stronger and smarter grid." » Read more

Greg Livelli
ABB Exploring Measurement Frontiers
What’s new in measurement products at ABB? That’s a very inefficient question because it results in such a long and detailed answer. In fact, almost all of its measurement solutions seem to be new or in the process of being updated. Better to ask, "What’s not new in ABB measurement products?" Of course, the short answer is "Not much." » Read more

Don Leavens
Manufacturing Leads U.S. Economic Expansion
When Don Leavens, vice president and chief economist at the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA,, set the title for this year’s economic discussion at ABB Automation and Power World in Orlando, the U.S. economy was in recovery mode.

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Angus Shaw
New York Consortium Explores Smart Grid
If Thomas Edison could take a look at our nation’s electrical grid today, there’s very little that he wouldn’t already be familiar with. But the out–dated grid is running up against considerable limitations and is often over–taxed. It is for these and other reasons that researchers are working to develop a "smart grid."
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