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PLCs Taking Some Excellent Adventures
The more capabilities you add or learn, the more unusual and far-away jobs you're asked to do. For instance, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), programmable automation controllers (PACs) and their software have been gaining power and speed for many years, but lately these gains are propelling them into some new and non-traditional settings where they characteristically can do a lot of good. Read more to find out how engineers are deploying more capable programmable logic controllers in new and unusual applications »

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DCS Migration Strategy and Implementation
There are four main strategic decisions you should consider before upgrading your outdated distributed control system (DCS) to a new automation system. Download this paper to learn how to define your migration strategy and make the switch with as little risk as possible.

It Is About Customer Service
In all the automation user groups for the past few years, the talk always revolves around services. 'We want to be your trusted partner,' said Steve Sonnenberg, business leader of Emerson Process Management. So does every other vendor in the space. There are some reasons for this effort on the part of the major automation companies. It is certainly a way to bind a customer to a single vendor and to make sure that the vendor gets the majority of the automation spend. But from the point of view of the customer, there are also some strong reasons to recommend the 'partner' movement. Read more »

How Can We Provide Mechanical and Process Engineering Regulatory Control Guidance Tips (Part 5)?
In part 5 we finish with a list of process control expert Greg McMillan's foremost best practices. These practices build on the essential concepts given in Part 3. These practices offer simple fixes in the automation system design. Major improvements in the mechanical design are also introduced. The concepts and practices will be featured in a future article coauthored with Michel Ruel and Jacques Smuts, "What Every Engineer Needs to Know about Process Control." Read more »

Jan. 21, 2013

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