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How to Deal With System Obsolescence
"Rip and replace is a last resort. It means you've either not been keeping up with technology or relationships with your supplier have broken down." Paul Stewart was suitably blunt in his dismissal of wholesale replacement as a viable means of dealing with obsolete control systems. At the 2012 Honeywell Users Group EMEA meeting in Istanbul, Stewart, of Marathon Oil in the U.K., joined Paul Anderson of Saudi Aramco, Mahdi Akbar of EQUATE Petrochemical, Keith Landells of BP, and Andy Coward of Honeywell Process Solutions to discuss how the process industries are dealing with the large number of process control systems that currently are approaching the end of their useful lives. Read more »

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Want to Lower the True Cost of your Tank Gauge — the Installed Cost?
Level Plus liquid level transmitters have the lowest installed cost versus popular automatic tank gauges. The installed cost includes the cost of the level transmitter plus the cost of cable, conduit, hardware, tank modifications, accessories and anything else needed to install and start communicating with the control system. Learn more.

Basics of Analyzer Sample Systems — Parts 1-2
If you had to design and install a process analyzer sample system today, how would you do it? First, remember that an analyzer system includes the sample tap, sample system, analyzer, sample return, signal transmission and control system. If any of these components fail, your company won't gain the economic benefits the system was supposed to produce. And don't forget, it's generally accepted that sample systems are victims of the Pareto principle, which is that 20% of a system consumes 80% of the resources because they're responsible for 80% of analyzer system problems. Read more »

Advanced Process Control Ain't Easy
End users and suppliers agree: Advanced process control is a powerful and effective tool, but implementation and maintenance need to be simplified. By now, virtually every industrial process in the world is under automatic control, so the logical next step is advanced process control (APC). APC has already been implemented in many facilities, albeit with varying degrees of success. But when APC works, the results can be nothing short of spectacular. Read more »

Jan. 11, 2013

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