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Firewall Needed Between AT and IT?
"We are having an internal argument as to who loads the DeltaV machines when it comes to the Windows software. Should we allow the ‘Business IT’ group to do it, or is this the ‘Controls’ group’s responsibility? Are there any regulations about this?"
This question asks about the domains of information technology (IT) and automation technology (AT), and if a "firewall" is needed between them. See what our experts had to say »

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FCIHow to Improve Gas Flow Measurement
With the ever–increasing cost of fuel and consumables, the ability to accurately measure amounts used in a process has become a significant factor in bottom–line plant profitability. In previous years, these types of inaccuracies were considered acceptable. However, more companies are beginning to analyze consumables used in heat–treating processes to determine the profitability of each job/application. Download this report to learn how your flowmeter selection can be a key factor in plant profitability.

Beginner’s Guide to Differential Pressure Level Transmitters
GIGO means "garbage in, garbage out." This phrase applies in industrial automation because using faulty measurements can fool even the best control system. One remedy that can help avoid a GIGO scenario is to understand the measurement technique and its limitations to the extent that its application can be reasonably evaluated. Read more »

The Ultimate HMI
"An effective HMI gives the operator better situational awareness. Your plant is successful only if your operators are successful. [An effective HMI] helps operators deal more effectively with abnormal situations. It helps them do proper operating techniques. Poor HMIs impede that." So says Bill Hollifield, principal alarm management and HMI consultant at PAS and co–author of The High Performance HMI Handbook. Read more »

Aug. 26, 2011

Welcome to Control
Walt BoyesTake a look at this week’s articles read the most on our website by you and your peers. We are the only website exclusively dedicated to the global process automation market.
–– Walt Boyes, Editor-in-Chief

Safety Issues
Blast at Sasol Plant in Secunda

Sunoco Philadelphia Refinery Crude Unit Hit by Fire

Petrobras Temporarily Shuts Bahia Blanco Refinery

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