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September 27, 2010


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Industrial Ethernet: Critical Differences Between Commercial– and Industrial–Grade Components
This white paper discusses important differences between the commercial–grade components used in enterprise Ethernet systems and the industrial–grade cabling, connectivity and active devices that are essential to the optimal, long–term performance of robust industrial Ethernet networks. Download now to learn more.


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Article Highlights

Worst Fears Realized
We can’t say we weren't warned. For years, the doubters and naysayers have been warning us that maybe all this PC-based computing and connectivity on the factory floor was a bad idea.

Security was always one of the main concerns. But the warnings were drowned out in the noise of the inexorable march to PCs on the plant floor and Internet connectivity. Meanwhile, control engineers were used to working with closed systems pretty well blocked from outside mischief makers, and IT people, who did have a grasp of cyber security issues, were clueless about control systems and their unique security problems. So we’ve limped along with a few folks from both disciplines doing their best to bridge the gap, struggling to overcome institutional inertia, preaching cyber security best practices, training people to think differently and hoping for the best.
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The HART Ecosystem – Wired and Wireless
From the inception of the HART Communication Protocol, two of the technology’s critical capabilities have been interchangeability and interoperability. That is, any HART transmitter must work interchangeably in the same application with any other HART transmitter, regardless of manufacturer, and any HART transmitter must work with all other HART transmitters, again regardless of manufacturer.
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Level Transmitter for Washdown Environments
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Belden is a leader in cabling, connectivity and active devices that are essential to the optimal, long–term performance of robust industrial Ethernet networks.

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