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June 9, 2009 | View on the web | Subscribe| Unsubscribe

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Issue Highlights
Renovate for Food Safety
It is do or die time for your business. From leaky roofs to corroded underground pipes, old plants are slow-motion accidents waiting to happen.

No amount of money is too much for a food or beverage company to spend when food safety is at risk. And that’s exactly what some bad apples are spending these days, as recent evidence and food safety scares indicate. But even in a recession, the price of upgrading your plant is nowhere near the cost of not doing so.

If you ignore food safety issues – a leaky roof, standing water, improper separation of raw from finished goods – you’re not just cheap, you may be a criminal. When you knowingly let pathogens roam free, you give the food industry a black eye, and you could end up sharing a bunk bed with someone like Bernie Madoff.

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Smarter Vision Cameras from PPT Vision
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Remco Introduces a Double Blade Ultra Hygiene Squeegee
Remco’s Double Blade Ultra Hygiene Squeegee unites efficiency and hygiene. It delivers the cleaning capacity of Remco’s fixed head squeegee without compromising the hygiene maintained by the ultra hygiene squeegee. It features color-coded refill blades that are easy to remove and replace with the help of finger tabs. Blades can be removed to autoclave and reuse the head. Available in six color and five sizes, these squeegees are part of the Vikan hygiene system®. For a catalog, call 317-876-9856 or visit

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