Today's Conference Highlights: September 11, 2013

Invensys Sees Opportunity in Challenging Global Market
Take an extensive installed base of loyal customers. Add top-notch industry expertise. Mix in a spanking new process automation system designed to deliver outsized returns at the lowest total cost of ownership. Pretty soon, it's easy to see why Gary Freburger is bullish about Invensys' place in the process automation market. Read more »

Foxboro Evo System Sports Powerful New Controller
A cornerstone of the new Foxboro Evo process automation system is the new FCP280 controller. It's already a huge milestone because it multiplies the performance of its FCP270 predecessor in many areas, according to Alain Ginguené, Invensys brand director of Foxboro DCS.
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Virtualization Streamlines System Lifecycle
The worlds of personal, mainstream and now industrial computing are quickly migrating from individual processors and servers to high-capacity microprocessors than can replicate many virtual devices, manifested only as software, but also do all the same work. Read more »

Workflow Connects People and Machines
"ArchestrA Workflow coordinates human- and system-centric tasks smoothly and effectively," said Stephen Golemee as he walked his audience through the functionality of the business process management module of the ArchestrA system platform.
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Cyber Protection for Safety Systems
It's logical to think that cyber security is just about preventing attacks. But the same measures that protect against cyber incidents deliver other benefits, such as increasing safety, protecting intellectual property, reducing down time, and much more.
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VIDEO: The Foxboro Evo Maintenance Response Center
Instruments — as well as the technicians who work with them — are foundational to the Invensys "enlightened plant" vision. In this video booth tour from the 2013 Invensys Foxboro & Triconex Client Conference, Scott Hill and Rogier van Dijk demonstrate the capabilities of the company's Foxboro Evo Maintenance Response Center, including "plain text" device error messages designed to make technicians far more productive in their routine troubleshooting tasks. Watch the video. »

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