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NOVEMBER 8, 2011

Empowerment at the Edge
"Technology can enable, but never empower – only people can," said Sudipta Bhattacharya, Invensys Operations Management CEO, in his keynote address to this week's 2011 OpsManage North America user group conference. Bhattacharya framed his entire talk in terms of empowerment and described how Invensys has been transformed into a company that is about empowering its customers and their employees to create value. Read more »

Invensys Helping Users Ride at Business World’s New Pace
Can you stay on this horse? Would you like a little help to do it longer? Chronic recessions, galloping globalization of suppliers and customers, and accelerating technological changes, such as cloud-based services and virtualized computing, are like a bucking bronco for many of today's process manufacturers and their applications. Read more »

Thoroughly Modern Mills: Enabling Knowledge Workers for the Next Century
For the past 100 years of industrial revolution, manufacturers have enjoyed typically a 4% to 5% productivity improvement. "That's a 50:1 compound output over those 100 years to where today 49 of those people have been replaced with machines, with technology, with equipment, with better processes, materials, all kinds of things," says Rick Morse, vice president of control and safety solutions for Invensys Operations Management.
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