Culture and Vision

Our vision for Putman Media is to have a highly effective team, doing exceptional work for our customers and having fun while we grow our business, maintaining balance, pursuing our dreams of financial success, offering all stakeholders a fair return, and working with the community in rewarding partnerships.

This philosophy suggests that a successful business is the result of people being fulfilled personally and professionally. We believe companies filled with multidimensional people who have fun at their job, understand the economics of the business, and have an opportunity to make a difference and be rewarded in a significant way will best serve all stakeholders.

What Putman associates say about us...

"As a job share employee, working at Putman has given me the opportunity to raise my daughter and pursue volunteer opportunities while at the same time allowing me to work in the field that I love."

"Our CEO and Vice President, two of the owners, are not only very creative and forward thinking, but also care deeply about the people who work for them."

"The owners of this family-owned business are down to earth and accessible. They share the financial status of the company with all of the employees."

"I love working at Putman because of the friendly, family-like atmosphere, the benefits and perks, and the wonderfully friendly people."

"I love working at Putman because my "this is the place I want to come to every day" feeling has never gone away — even after 10 years!"

"There are two kinds of people at Putman — the ones who come to Putman and stay and the ones who come to Putman and leave and then want to come back."